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Teamfight Tactics 13.18 B Patch Notes: Hotfixes to Bilgewater, Nilah, Qiyana and more

The release of TFT Set 9.5 was a little rough but has now been fixed.

The newest Teamfight Tactics mid-set expansion Set 9.5 released on Wednesday with mixed reviews. Players were having fun with all the new changes but unfortunately, that fun quickly dissipated when the cannonballs started dropping on every board.

Bilgewater was just a little too unhinged when it hit the live servers on Wednesday, prompting some players to stop playing until the inevitable hotfix.

The reason why Bilgewater was in such a strong state was thanks to the dominant duo of Nilah and Miss Fortune which in combination with the insane damage output the actual Bilgewater trait was pushing out, ended fights in an instant and if for some reason enemy boards survived the initial burst Miss Fortune and the cannonballs put out, Nilah was there on clean up duty to mop up any champion left standing.

With multiple players forcing this comp every game, players knew that the Bilgewater comp's days were numbered. And just like that, the number was one.

Qiyana and the Rogue trait were also targeted in this B patch as they have been a little too strong as well. Qiyana and Ekko were touched a bit as leaving them untouched will only cause the meta to shift from Bilgewater to Rogue.

Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer, the Lead Designer of TFT made a post late Thursday night stating that a hotfix was indeed coming and would be pushed out Friday afternoon with the aim of tuning Bilgewater back to a balanced state while also cleaning up a couple of weird bugs.

Only nerfs are in this Bpatch and players should expect bigger changes in the next actual patch, TFT Patch 13.19. Here are the complete TFT Set 9.5 13.18 B-Patch Notes.



  • Bugfix: Darkin revive animation is now the intended shorter time
  • Bugfix: Aatrox is invulnerable while reviving


  • Spell Damage: 100/150/500 to 95/140/500


  • Mana: 20/80 to 30/90


  • Bugfix: Ekko will no longer try to Rogue dash while casting his ability and wont try to cast ability while in a Rogue dash
  • Spell Damage: 270/405/610 to 255/380/570

Miss Fortune

  • Mana: 10/50 to 10/60


  • Attack Speed: 0.85 to 0.8
  • Cleave Damage: 75/75/100% to 65/65/100%


  • Demacia Radiant Item: Gargoyle Stonplate to Protector’s Vow


  • Health: 700 to 650
  • Mana: 20/80 to 40/100
  • Spell Range: 3 to 2 Hexes



  • 3 piece: 140 + 40% to 90 + 30%
  • 5 piece: 200 + 60% to 125 + 50%
  • 7 piece: 350 + 100% to 300 + 65%


  • Shield: 250/400/600/900 to 250/400/575/850
  • AP: 15/25/40/60 to 15/25/35/55


The Boss

  • AS and AP per sit-up: 45 to 40

Shurima’s Legacy

  • Disabled Temporarily

What the Forge

  • Health: 160 to 110


Rapid Firecannon

  • Damage amplification: 12% to 8%

Radiant Rapid Firecannon

  • Damage Amplification: 20% to 15%

Bug Fixes

  • Training Dummies cant be recombobulated anymore and they cant deal player damage.