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TFT Meta Report: Patch 14.3b

A look at the rising trends bi-weekly to help players stay ahead of the curve on their way to winning lobbies.

With the competitive season and the Remix Rumble set itself reaching its final leg, the 14.3 patch has been rather tame but with the mid-patch update toning down a couple of outliers in an attempt to put the meta in the absolute best shape possible, its important to showcase what the best options are for climbing as the season nears its conclusion. 

Here is the TFT Meta Report for Patch 14.3b.

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Augment Spotlight: Blinged Out

Before the b-patch, Blinged Out was still among the top three best performers of the patch but with the two augments above it, Extended Play and Scrappy Inventions being disabled and hit respectively, there was nothing in Blinged Out's way from taking the top spot in 14.3b. 

Blinged Out currently has a 4.02 average placement in Master+ lobbies and is a full .15 ahead of average placement over the next best augment, shopping spree. What makes Blinged Out so good is that it makes the two current top five meta comps, Reroll Yasuo and Reroll Senna go from top five to top one depending on if this augment is selected. 

MetaTFT shows that when this augment is selected second, the average placement shoots up to 3.80. So for all the Yasuo and Senna players, if this augment shows up, take it. 

Champion Focus: Akali

tft kda akali 14.3 meta report

Looking at this week's S-Tier champions according to MetaTFT we have the usual suspects being all the five-cost champions but there is a lack of any one, two and three-cost champions. However, there are a couple of four-cost stars with Akali being at the top of that list. 

K/DA Akali slots in as this week's best-performing non-five-cost champion as she sits at an average placement of 4.14 thanks to her being a mainstay in two different meta compositions, Pentakill Karthus and K/DA Ahri. She isnt the main carry in either compostion however she is a fantastic secondary carry which has been proven all set.

The best in-slot items for Akali according to MetaTFT are Bloodthirster, Red Buff and Hand of Justice as this combo gives Akali an average placement of 3.83. Obviously in the Karthus composition, if a player finds a Pentakill Emblem, throw it on Akali as that emblem combined with Red Buff and Hand of Justice is her absolute best in slot with an average placement of 3.7 

Player on the Rise: bigbol 

Although the sample size isnt the largest since not a ton of time has passed since 14.3b has been out, there are still a couple of players gaining LP at an absurd clip. One of the biggest LP gainers in the last couple of days is bigbol.

bigbol over the past three days has played 33 games and has gained 530 LP with an average placement of 3.33. Although there are a ton of threes, what is most impressive about bigbol is the number of ones they have gotten in that span. 10 first-place finishes and seven second-place finishes are the key takeaways here. 

As for the comps bigbol has played, they have done well with a combination of pretty much the entire suite of meta compositions. Everything from both True Damage rerolls, to Pentakill Karthus and even some 8bit Riven, Bigbol has shown their flexibility which has led them to climb to Challenger rank.