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  • 100 Thieves and Leviatán match during VCT Americas League.
  • Who won Icebox between 100 Thieves and Leviatán?
  • 100 Thieves bang’s 3k clutch on Omen solidifies the 2-1 upset over Leviatán.

100 Thieves has taken down one of the VCT 2023: Americas League favorites in Leviatán to end the VCT 2023: Americas League super week to improve their standing to 3-2.

The entire three-game thriller saw both teams battle evenly back and forth as it was apparent that both teams were evenly matched throughout Icebox, Haven, and Lotus. From 4k clutches from Leviatán IGL Kingg to a historic 1v3 clutch, this series between Leviatán and 100 Thieves had everything you could ask for as a VALORANT viewer.

Here is everything you need to know about the most recent VCT Americas League match between Leviatán and 100 Thieves.

Leviatán go 1-0 up after an Overtime win on Icebox

Immediately, both teams battled closely with one another on Icebox as 100 Thieves and Leviatán traded rounds. Despite 100 Thieves’ 2-0 start in the early pistol rounds, Leviatán was able to get the slight 7-5 first-half lead as they entered Icebox’s Attack side.

At this point, it was heavily expected that Leviatán would be able to close out the series soon after due to Icebox’s favoritism towards the attack side. However, 100 Thieves kept things competitive with Leviatán, despite these setbacks, as they entered overtime. In overtime, 100 Thieves were one round away from securing a victory on Icebox, but strong play from Leviatán helped them take Icebox 15-13.

100 Thieves bang leads team in 2-1 upset over Leviatán

The next two maps on Haven and Lotus saw multiple members from 100 Thieves step up in individual scenarios to push back against Leviatán’s strong fundamentals in maps two and three. On Haven, 100 Thieves In-Game Leader Brendan “stellar” McGrath shined on Killjoy with a 1.24 Rating and 18 Kills to win map two 13-11.

Then on Lotus, it was all about Peter “Asuna” Mazuryk’s Skye that helped 100 Thieves land on the precipice of a monumental victory with 23 kills. Yet, the biggest star of the day had to be 100 Thieves’ Controller player Sean “bang” Bezerra’s 3k Omen clutch to end Lotus on a 13-11 victory to secure the team’s 2-0 super week performance.

Bang was without a doubt the MVP of 100 Thieves’ series against Leviatán. He was a consistent driving factor behind all three of 100 Thieves maps en route to a 2-1 victory over Leviatán. Furthermore, bang collected 54 kills throughout all three maps today with a 1.14 Rating in 100 Thieves’ biggest win of the VCT Americas League season.

With this victory, 100 Thieves has moved into a tie for third place in the VCT Americas League alongside Leviatán at 3-2. 100 Thieves now only have four matches in the VCT Americas League regular season as they look to take significant strides in the final month. That second-half VCT Americas League campaign will continue against NRG next week.

As for Leviatán, this loss drops them down to 3-2 in the VCT Americas League season heading into their final four matches. They will look to bounce back from today’s performance against Evil Geniuses next week. Leviatán will be looking to acquire their fourth win of the VCT Americas League as they continue pushing to solidify their spot in the VCT Americas League playoffs.