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5 Best VALORANT Agents to Climb in Ranked

These five agents are a VALORANT player’s best chance at escaping ELO hell.

Every VALORANT agent plays a vital role in their team. The distinct utilities of Controllers, Initiators, Sentinels and Duelists result in unique and varied playstyles that complement each other. Despite this, some agents have more potential to impact the outcome of their games. These five agents will best allow you to carry your team to victory and gain significant RR in the process.


Reina splash

Reyna carries bad teams

Reyna’s kit has long been a VALORANT player favorite. She is the essential carry agent – her utility allows her to take fights flexibly for herself and her team. Whether clutching a 1v5 or entering the site with a team behind her, Reyna’s utility never fails to be simple to use and effective. While she may not farm as many assists as KAY/O or push a site as aggressively as Raze, Reyna remains the best at isolating picks and securing chain kills due to her dismiss and heal utilities. A player confident in their aim can free up significant map space and tip the numerical odds in their team’s favor with their picks – not to mention that correctly executed chain kills lead to a positive K/D and more RR.


Kay/O Splash

KAY/O sets up teammates

KAY/O’s can flexibly take fights with his kit like Reyna, but with an added benefit – his flashes, knives, and grenades allow him to farm easy assists. A high KAST (Kill, death, assist and trade) ratio contributes to ELO gain. If you are confident taking duels and helping your team push, KAY/O is one of the best assist-heavy agents to rank up quickly.

Another benefit of KAY/O’s kit is that it benefits other players. KAY/O can throw his knife to get information and deny abilities for his teammates. If you have strong game sense and make confident calls, you can easily lead your team to victory by communicating before using utility and confidently securing your picks.


Breach Splash

Breach brings needed utility

Breach is another utility-heavy agent with immense carry potential. Carrying on Breach relies on knowledge of map control and timing. A skilled Breach can demolish the enemy team with meticulous flashes and careful concusses. He is a solid pick on every map but specializes in closer-range maps such as Bind and Split. Like KAY/O, his utility has the added benefit of gaining assist after assist.

An aggressive Breach playstyle tends to yield the most reward. Even if you don’t feel confident in your aim, Breach’s concusses and flashes can be safety cushions that allow a moment to stabilize before hitting that crispy headshot.


Raze Splash

Raze showcases your skill

Raze is an agent that requires practice to master, but that practice is well worth it. After the recent Jett nerf, she is undoubtedly the most effective and most meta duelist for entry. No other duelist utility can take space as effectively as Raze’s satchels. She is also uniquely able to gather information with her boombot. Raze players can use her grenade aggressively or as defensive utility, making her equally invaluable on defense and offense.

Poorly performing duelists plague many low-elo VALORANT teams, and countless players cite them as the reason for their losses. Raze can be the cure – she also supplements the team using her utility, while some duelists may rely on only frags. A skilled Raze can impact the game beyond the potential of other agents and satchel straight into a higher rank.


Chamber Splash

Chamber dominates the map

Chamber was once the king of VALORANT before his fall from grace in the 5.12 patch. After an outcry from the community, RIOT has updated Chamber once again – and he is back and better than ever.

The main reason Chamber is capable of carrying a team is his flexibility. As a sentinel, his trip is handy for delaying pushes. Chamber can play passive if needed, but his teleport also means he can aggressively seek picks. Players with developed game sense can choose to deny a site, contest important mid-map space, or watch the flank using this one agent – and by doing so, can change the outcome of an entire game. Of course, Chamber players must carefully hone their aim, but the results are well worth it. Countless VALORANT players remain haunted by nightmares of the 30/10 Chamber on the enemy team.

While all of these agents will assist you in your rank-up journey, unbreakable mental and carefully honed aim are also essential. Remember to communicate with teammates and be conscious of basic game sense principles. Have confidence and keep playing – one day you too can carry your Iron friends as they look on with admiration.