Top 5 Aim Trainers for First-Person Shooters, Ranked

Let's explore which five aim trainers will help you shoot for the stars and climb any FPS game's competitive leaderboard.

Just like every first-person shooter (FPS) player's perfect mouse sensitivity is different, every player has different aim weaknesses to work on and aim goals they wish to accomplish. 

If you're looking to become the next Tenz or s1mple, it's important to find an aim routine that delivers results. Aim trainers can help structure your routine and track and analyze your progress. 

Let's dive into a list of the top five FPS aim trainers and their specific attributes so you can find the perfect aim solution for your particular needs!

1. KovaaK's


KovaaK's is a long-standing icon in the aim training world. It focuses on training players in scenarios that replicate real in-game events. Its Steam page boasts "over 200,000 scenarios, playlists and more". KovaaK's is useful for any FPS game and is commonly used for VALORANT, Apex Legends and Counter-Strike. Users can even create unique maps to train on with an in-game map editor! 

This software's appeal does not only lie in its incredible versatility and effectiveness. KovaaK's has a warm and welcoming community that is eager to help anyone learning to aim and willing to give useful advice. Players can easily trade tips and share their favorite practice scenarios. KovaaK's' reliability and supportiveness are well worth its $9.99 price. 

Price: $9.99

Link to download

2. Aimlabs


Aimlabs is world-famous for its appealing free-ninety-nine price and visible in-game results. It has surged in popularity since its relatively recent release and is endorsed by pros such as VALORANT's star Sova main AverageJonas. Aimlabs has a built-in ranking system ranging from Bronze to Grandmaster, making the trainer a competitive game within itself. 

Aimlabs allows players to create routines based on individual tasks and delivers personalized recommendations based on any problem areas its software identifies. It focuses on making its users well-rounded aimers and can polish your skills in several categories such as headshots, long-range shots and gridshot reflexes. 

There are over 1,000 tasks Aimlabs users can try, and they can modify them with a unique AI based on pro player feedback. 

Price: Free

Link to download

3. Aimbeast

Aimbeast storefront

Aimbeast advertises itself as "the ultimate training and warmup solution for FPS/TPS players". It combines humanlike AI with analysis to identify the right aim-training solutions for each user. Aimbeast delivers more customization than other aim-trainer options — players can customize their crosshairs, hitmarkers and map textures. Users can even control the shape, size and movement pattern of bots. There is also an in-game map editor to create custom training environments. 

Best of all, Aimbeast buyers can access scenarios tailored to their game of choice, with options including VALORANT, Fortnite, Apex Legends, Overwatch 2 and Counter-Strike 2. 

Price: $7.99

Link to download

4. Oblivity


Oblivity prides itself on helping players find their optimal sensitivity. Users begin by going through its Sensitivity Finder process, where they play through a few scenarios from their favorite game and fluctuate between different mouse sensitivities. After the Sensitivity Finder scenarios are complete, Oblivity will bless you with your own scientifically determined perfect sensitivity. 

While Oblivity's main draw is this sensitivity aspect, it still functions as a solid aim trainer. Its Smart Play feature automatically sends players through the best training scenarios for them based on their preferences. In addition, Oblivity offers sophisticated analyses including deviation from the ideal aim path, overshooting,  undershooting and even aiming smoothness. Players can also watch replays of their session to catch any mistakes the AI may have missed.

Price: $9.99

Link to download

5. 3D Aim Trainer

3D aim trainer

3D Aim Trainer is a free aim training software created by SteelSeries. SteelSeries developed it closely with pro players to create a program yielding high-level results. 

Players can sync the trainer with their favorite games for customized routines and elect to train with specific weapons from the games, which are immediately available as presets. 3D Aim Trainer has stunning graphics and is incredibly easy to operate. 

While it is less popular than the other options on this list, it is steadily growing a following for its visible quality. The game is still in early development, but already looks promising and can hold up against its paid alternatives. 

Price: Free

Link to download

6. Honorable Mention: osu!


You may be surprised to see the internet's favorite rhythm game on this list. While osu! is not a conventional aim trainer and won't improve your headshot precision, it is a useful warmup to strengthen general reflexes. 

osu! encourages fast reaction time, and running a few songs on your equivalent in-game sensitivity can help snap you out of autopilot before entering a match. It can be fun to shake up your aim routine if you're exhausted from grinding Gridshot on Aimlabs. 

Plus, music enthusiasts can find nearly every genre to train to including rap, anime OSTs, pop, indie rock and even hyperpop!

Price: Free

Link to purchase

Aim takes time and patience to develop, but using an aim trainer you feel comfortable with speeds up the process. Taking the initiative to train is a huge step, whether simply clicking circles on osu! or powering through an hour-long Aimlabs routine.

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