These Must-Have Valorant Peripherals Bring the Hype

From a mouse used by 50% of VCT Masters Madrid 2024 pros to a light-up spike you can plant at your desk, here are all the VALORANT-themed peripherals you never knew you needed!
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The thrilling 2024 VCT Masters Madrid conclusion inspired countless VALORANT players around the world to lock in and compete at their home setups just like the pros. While an esports athlete's physical skill is the most important factor in their success, there's no denying a high-quality setup makes climbing the ranks easier.

Even if you're playing for fun instead of chasing esports glory, small additions to your setup can still bring flair to your VALORANT experience. From pro-level monitors and mice to keycaps and a real-life Spike you can plant at your gaming desk, here are six VALORANT peripherals that will help get your head in the game.

1. A VCT-Quality ZOWIE XL2566K Monitor, So You Can Play Like The Pros

Zowie XL2566K monitor

This ZOWIE monitor is the official monitor of VCT Americas as of 2023. It features a 360Hz refresh rate, DyAc™ technology that reduces motion blur and ghosting and Black eQualizer color technology that improves visual quality in dark scenes. In addition, the monitor uses a TN panel that is optimal for high-speed, intense gaming. The monitor has a 24.5" screen size so you can easily spot even the most pixel-perfect opponent. Buyers can purchase for $599 on the BenQ website.

2. Agent Ability-Themed Keycaps

Valorant ability keycaps

Buyers can customize these beautiful keycaps with their preferred agent and background color. The set includes six keycaps: one with a VALORANT logo on it, three each with an agent ability logo, one with a print of the buyer's preferred agent icon and one with an agent ultimate logo. 

The keycaps are available in PBT and ABS materials. They are compatible with Cherry MX switches, and users with a bit of technical expertise can easily install them on almost any keys they wish. The shop can also make the keycaps in other custom sizes including 1x1 R1-R4 and 1x1.25 R1. They are available on Etsy for $30.00 from HelicalHearth.

3. An RGB Spike Night-Light/Desk Light (That You Won't Have To Run Away From To Save Your Gun)

Valorant Spike night light

Have you ever wished you could channel your inner Wingman and hug the Spike in real life? Luckily for you, innovative Etsy entrepreneurs have made that dream a reality — you can now buy an RGB light Spike for your setup complete with a controller that lets you pick any light color and pattern you wish. 

The Spike is made of high-durability plastic and is available in five sizes ranging from 20cm to 50 cm from Etsy shop LABELWorkshop. VALORANT fans can pick up the smallest size for $44.99. Link here.

4. A Logitech G733 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Headset from the Official Supplier of VCT EMEA 2023

Logitech G, Logitech's gaming-centered line, is well known for innovations in the esports world. Logitech G wasRiot's official headset and peripheral supplier for VCT EMEA in 2023. The line's G733 LIGHTSPEED wireless headset is rated 4.5 stars with over 15,400 reviews on Amazon. It has RGB light sync as well as a 20Hz - 20KHz frequency range. 

Buyers seem pleased with its long battery life and lightweight frame — the headset has a 29-hour battery life and weighs only 9.8 ounces. With a pro-level gaming headset like this, you'll never have to panic about which direction that enemy footstep came from again. Link here. $150

5. A RIOT Games Official VALORANT Omen Poster

While you may spend most of your time intensely focusing on your monitor's screen, it never hurts to add a bit of sophisticated decor to the walls surrounding your setup. Riot Games' official merch store is happy to provide: VALORANT's developer sells official VALORANT art poster prints including this "Shadow Walker" Omen-themed one. 

It is available in two sizes, and buyers can purchase it framed or unframed. Aside from this Omen poster, Riot Games sells five more VALORANT poster variants featuring favorite agents like Killjoy, Brimstone, Cypher, Raze and Phoenix. Link here. $22

6. The Logitech G Pro X Superlight 2 Mouse Used By 50% of 2024 VALORANT Pros

Logitech G Pro mous

The G733 LIGHTSPEED is not Logitech's only famous product — the G Pro Superlight 2 mouse is a staple in VALORANT esports. YouTuber DiamondLobbyReviews analyzed in a recent viral video which mouse brand each pro in VCT Masters Madrid 2024 used and found that Logitech was by far the most popular, followed by Razer and Zowie. 

DiamondLobbyReviews notes that while he was able to identify the pros' mice through VCT live zooms and player statements, the G Pro X Superlight 2 and its predecessor the G Pro X Superlight look extremely similar so he decided to statistically combine them. 

However, he conclusively identified that every one of the 50% of VCT Masters Madrid 2024 players using a Logitech mouse was using a variant of the G Pro Superlight. Furthermore, every team had at least two players using a Superlight.

The pros use this mouse for a reason- the G Pro Superlight 2 is notable for its versatility, responsiveness and lightweight feel. It can comfortably accommodate almost any grip style and has a 4k polling rate. The mouse weighs only 2.12 ounces and advertises a 95-hour battery life. It is a game changer for VALORANT players and FPS players in general. Link here. $159

If you spend hours in a day on the competitive grind, your gaming setup should be a comfortable and welcoming place that reflects your unique personality. Whether you decide to splurge on a new monitor or just spruce up your space with a poster, small changes can bring good vibes and leave you with a refreshed energy.

Have fun adding some VALORANT flair to your peripherals, and stay tuned for future VALORANT esports updates!

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