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Complexity Gaming has announced a new $10,000 VALORANT Legends tournament, Complexity Gaming Paradox Invitational, to celebrate Women’s History Month.

The invitational is the first of a number of Complexity-hosted VALORANT competitions as they set their sights on placing focus on supporting women and non-binary teams in VALORANT.

“Complexity has a longstanding record of supporting underrepresented gamers with half of their creator roster identifying as women,” GameSquare CEO Justine Kenna stated in the official press release. “By empowering diverse voices and providing opportunities for gamers of all backgrounds, we’re creating a more equitable and sustainable future for esports.”

Since the introduction of the VCT Game Changers series, the female VALORANT scene has progressed immensely as women and non-binary teams now have more opportunities to compete against one another.

“Competitions like these help provide more opportunities for marginalized genders for increased visibility and awareness,” said Alice “Alimonstr” Lew, Team Manager, Complexity GX3. "Our goal is to normalize our presence in this space to help eliminate toxicity. We belong, and we’re here to stay.”

The tournament will span two days of competition as the tournament will feature top women and non-binary VALORANT squads in the Americas region. There will be a total of eight teams competing in the double-elimination bracket as they all look to rise above the others as the 2023 VALORANT competitive season unfolds.

Who is competing in the Complexity Invitational?

The following eight teams will all be competing in the Complexity Gaming Paradox Invitational powered by Lenovo Legion.

  • Complexity GX3
  • Evil Geniuses GC
  • CLG Red
  • FaZe Clan GC
  • Leviatán GC
  • Akave Girls
  • Velaris

How to watch Complexity Gaming Paradox Invitational?

The Complexity Gaming Paradox Invitational will take place from March 25-26, where the action will begin at 1 pm PT. You can watch the stream through Complexity’s official Twitch channel.

It will be interesting to see how all eight teams stack up in the tournament, as it will provide a good base of who could be the top contenders in the VCT Game Changers 2023 season.

Additionally, those craving some more VALORANT content can keep up to speed with the VCT 2023 season as teams compete for a spot at VCT Champions 2023 in Los Angeles, California.