Console VALORANT Is Here: What to Know

Riot Games will bring VALORANT to console in a long-awaited Limited Beta. Here's everything to know about console VALORANT, how to access it and when it will release.
VALORANT will arrive to console this summer in a Limited Beta.
VALORANT will arrive to console this summer in a Limited Beta. / Riot Games

VALORANT's popularity has skyrocketed since its 2020 introduction, and so has its global reach. In the past year, Riot Games teased an upcoming mobile VALORANT version, expanded in-game access to China and even added a new Chinese VCT competitive region. The development company just announced its latest venture in VALORANT's evolution — a console-play version with a Limited Beta version arriving in just days. As console VALORANT's Limited Beta access fast approaches, here's what interested players need to know about registering for play, the official release date and more!

How can players access VALORANT's console beta?

Console VALORANT will be available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox series X/S. It will be available in several distinct regions: players can join the beta in the U.S., Canada, the UK, Europe and Japan. Riot Games will expand global gameplay options and add more regions as the console beta gains popularity.

Interested VALORANT players can apply to access the Limited Beta at this link. After applying to join the Limited Beta, players will receive an email if they have been accepted to participate. Accepted players can invite five friends to join them using a referral link. It is important to note that you will be ineligible to play the Limited Beta if your VALORANT account has been banned.

When will VALORANT arrive to console?

VALORANT console gameplay in action on Fracture.
VALORANT console gameplay in action on Fracture. / Riot Games

The VALORANT console beta will arrive on June 14th, 2024. The beta's duration until console VALORANT's full release is currently unknown. It is also uncertain if the beta will shut before console VALORANT's full release arrives. Riot Games has stated "We’ll end it once we feel confident in where the game is at" and promises updates on their social media channels.

Access also depends on the previously mentioned email invitations and referral links. Riot Games will send these links "starting June 14 and continuing throughout the Limited Beta", most likely in waves to steadily increase the beta's player count. Don't panic if you can't access the Limited Beta immediately — players will probably have multiple chances to get involved. Players cannot pre-download the Limited Beta before it officially releases.

What else do we know about VALORANT on console?

Firstly, to answer everybody's burning question — there will be no cross-platform play between console VALORANT and PC VALORANT. The two systems have vastly different controls, so it likely would not be easy to effectively even out aim and precision across the platforms. Riot Games states "We believe strongly in competitive integrity, and this is the best way for us to keep the experience fair and consistent for players on both console and PC."

In addition, Riot Games has confirmed that players will use the same account to access PC and console VALORANT versions. All skins and agents purchased will be available on both platforms, and new purchases will carry over. Players who access the Limited Beta will receive a special player card for their account! Progression will transfer between accounts for events like the Battlepass. Any progress made during the Limited Beta will remain after the beta closes. More information is available on Riot Games' in-depth VALORANT console FAQ page.

VALORANT players can experience the game they know and love on a new platform in just a few days. While controls and UI will differ, VALORANT's competitive spirit will keep console play familiar and exciting. Keep an eye on your inbox for Limited Beta invitations and stay tuned for more updates as VALORANT's console Limited Beta releases!

Gabby DeSena