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California Knows How to Party: VALORANT Daydreams Bundle Prices Revealed

Full breakdown of all items in the VALORANT Daydreams bundle

The VALORANT Daydreams Bundle is a whole vibe.

The Daydreams Bundle is bringing summer vibes with neon purple and yellow, palm trees, and cars. You’ll immediately be transported to a classic car show on the beaches of Los Angeles with this bundle, which includes skins for four weapons and your melee.

The purple and yellow combination is seemingly in honor of the Los Angeles Lakers, bringing an entirely new color scheme to VALORANT that’s never been seen before.

The Daydreams Bundle includes:

  • Daydreams Classic
  • Daydreams Judge
  • Daydreams Phantom
  • Daydreams Operator
  • Daydreams Crowbar
  • X2 Daydreams Buddy

It’s very probable that these weapon skins won’t have any effects judging by the price point. But these cost-effective skins are still highly desirable for their immaculate vibes.

How Much is the VALORANT Daydreams Bundle?

The VALORANT Daydreams Bundle is a pretty good deal. The entire bundle will cost 5,100 VALORANT Points.

You will also be able to buy them all separately. The Classic, Judge, Phantom, and Operator will all cost 1,275 VP each. The Crowbar will cost 2,550 VP. The Daydreams Bundle also has a Gun Buddy set that’s 475 VP.

This is about $55 in real-world moolah.

When Does the Daydreams Bundle Officially Release?

The Daydreams Bundle is said to release on August 26 and will be available until August 29. This coincides with VALORANT Champions 2023, which makes sense since the competition takes place in Los Angeles this year. There are also rumors of a Los Angeles-themed map coming to VALORANT so it’s all really coming together.