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Despite some underwhelming results and financial setbacks, Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang cannot seem to get enough punishment from the esports industry. Now, the passionate streamer is back with a new VALORANT Game Changers roster.

Disguised Toast has been chasing an esports dream for a while now, focusing on VALORANT and then League of Legends. His first attempt was a Game Changers roster made up of all popular female streamers. While they got a lot of viewership, their matches did not go that well and Toast had to let them go.

This was followed by a NA Challengers team led by FPS icon Jacob “yay” Whiteaker. This seemed a lot more promising but the team still fell to the bottom of their group and Toast tweeted a long, emotional apology to fans.

He wrote at the time: “I don't know if it's appropriate for a team owner like myself to talk about these hard times so publicly, but I know a lot of you started supporting DSG because of me and I really wanted to show you guys my journey into the space.”

After that, it seemed like Disguised Toast had given up on his VALORANT dreams and was already looking for a League of Legends team. But now, the passionate streamer is back to square on.

Disguised Toast Announces Game Changers Roster

Disguised Toast took to Twitter to announce a new Game Changers team just in time for the Series II tournament, which begins on July 13, 2023, with open qualifiers. The goal is for the new DSG team to make it to the main event on July 26.

This time around, Disguised Toast went with competitive players instead of streamers. This includes two recognizable Game Changers pros, Hannah “hannah” Reyes and katarina. hannah was previously part of Gen.G Black and katarina competed with VersionX. The two veterans will help Coach Chris “Huijinyong” Yong lead new players to potential victory.

Here is the complete roster this time around:

  • hannah
  • katarina
  • nathn
  • misu
  • unstable
  • Huijinyong

The Disguised Toast roster had the VALORANT community feeling hope, including former DSG Game Changers player Kyedae Alicia Shymko. Others have wished the team luck, expressing that they are fans of Disguised Toast as well as the individual players on his new roster.

Only time will tell how the new roster will do. The first match is coming soon so tune in on Thursday, July 13 to see if his VALORANT luck has finally changed.