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It seems like just yesterday that Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang dropped his Game Changers team after a very disappointing performance. But after jokingly roasting the roster of popular streamers, Disguised Toast has now announced that he’s looking to compete in Game Changers once again.

Disguised Toast made headlines when he revealed a Game Changers team with all of the most iconic female VALORANT streamers, including Kyedae Alicia Shymko. The team started streaming their practices together, building up hype for the upcoming Game Changers Qualifiers.

But after just three games, Toast let go of the roster due to poor performance. Nobody was too surprised, since Disguised Toast had signed streamers known for their views rather than raw competitive talent. While unquestionably good at VALORANT, scrimming for pro play is different than grinding ranked on Twitch.

At the time, Disguised Toast joked: “This is the esports scene, baby. You fail to qualify, you get fired. You lose a LOCK//IN tournament, you get fired. I don’t make the rules, I learned this from watching other orgs.”

Now, the popular YouTuber is looking to form another roster — and it’s open to anyone in North America.

Disguised Toast Back in Game Changers

Game Changers is a pro esports circuit for VALORANT pros that identify as female or other marginalized genders. It’s an important inclusion to the VALORANT esports scene thanks to the safe space it has created, allowing women to be highlighted and supported in the scene like never before.

Disguised Toast is looking to enter Game Changers again after his failed streamer roster. But this time, he’s taking things a bit more seriously. He posted on Twitter that he’s looking to sign female and non-male players from North America, including a form for interested high-level VALORANT players.

The form asks the typical questions, like name and age, as well as your role, rank, and comfort being an in-game leader. Many talented female VALORANT players from smaller teams openly announced that they applied for Disguised Toast’s team, sensing that something big was about to happen.

“Would love an opportunity to trial as an IGL for your team. I have improved so much in my calling and want another chance to show how much I can bring to a team and want this more than anything,” said Version1’s Starlight.

After failing to get into NA Game Changers One, Disguised Toast told fans he would see them again “in a few months.” This time around, Disguised Toast wants to be more “responsible” in building a legitimate competitive team.

It’s not clear when Game Changers Two will begin, but fans of the ultra-competitive event should stay tuned to see what Disguised Toast can pull together before it begins.