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The Americas region has yet to experience a casualty at VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: LOCK//IN São Paulo as Evil Geniuses prove that not all villainy looks bad.

It was a tossup between Evil Geniuses and Team Heretics as to who would be the favorite going into today's series. However, the consensus was that Team Heretics would have the edge over Evil Geniuses in the series.

At first, the EMEA and Americas matchup appeared to be exactly what people expected it to be, a close affair between two evenly-matched teams. Both Pearl and Ascent saw Team Heretics and Evil Geniuses battle closely with one another as each game went into the second half with an even 6-6 scoreline. Unfortunately for the side of Team Heretics, they simply could not kee

Yet, it only took a couple of minutes to realize that this series was all in Evil Geniuses' court as Team Heretics was held to a total of four rounds total as Evil Geniuses closed out the series in a 2-0 sweep. 

Immediately after the series, it was nothing but lighthearted fun and competitive drive as Evil Geniuses immediately walked from the stage to the Winner's Press Conference. There, they faced the mix of remote and in-person media with smiles, sunglasses, and a...fist bump finger cut. 

Just a couple minutes into the press conference, former XSET controller player Brendan "BcJ" Jensen grabs the mic with a message to the Evil Geniuses doubters.

"Okay, first thing. They hate us because they ain't us," BcJ confidently proclaimed.

 Soon after, he shifted his focus towards highlighting the work ethic of all the Evil Geniuses players and coaching staff. 

He told the media stories of watching his teammates stay up until 2 am to practice at "ridiculous hours" before waking up for the next morning of scrims at 10 am. 

"All of us have so many unique stories to how got to this point and I don't care about any media," BcJ said. "You can't take that away from these guys. We worked so hard to be here, and obviously, today, you've seen a little bit of that spark, but you will see more of it in this tournament."

Evil Geniuses' international LAN tournament debut was a success as the Americas team moves forward into the round-of-16. There, they will face the winner of MIBR and Talon Esports, where Evil Geniuses head coach Christine "potter" Chi stated who she was looking forward to facing at VCT 2023: LOCK//IN São Paulo

"You know what, we want to face off against MIBR to get the best crowd we can get," Evil Geniuses head coach Christine "potter" Chi confidently told media. "The very next match, we want to face Cloud9."

If Evil Geniuses win against either MIBR/Talon Esports and if Cloud9 takes down DRX in the round-of-16, both teams would have that opportunity to fight for a spot in the top four against each other.

Only time will tell if VALORANT viewers will be able to witness that Americas matchup.

Where can you watch VCT LOCK//IN São Paulo?

VCT LOCK//IN São Paulo is officially underway as Group Alpha has begun its quest for the first international trophy of 2023. So far, NRG, Giants, DRX, Karmine Corp, Cloud9, You can watch the action unfold on VCT's Twitch and YouTube channels. 

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