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Valorant — When to Save and When to Buy

Vandals, Spectres and Ghosts – oh my! This handy guide will help you understand the different VALORANT buys and how to use the VALORANT economy to your advantage.

VALORANT has a sophisticated economy that is crucial to strategy. Correct buys can make a difference in whether a team wins a round, and in a close game, these one or two rounds could be the decisive factor for victory. The buying system can be complex, and it’s easy to get frustrated when one teammate buys an Operator with full shields while another has a Classic and no utility. Today we explore how you and your team can buy confidently – even when you can’t fully force.

What is a Buy in VALORANT?

When considering what to buy before a round, players should keep three things in mind: the enemy’s loadout, the credits your team will have next round and the play your teammates plan to execute. VALORANT’s tab screen displays the minimum amount of credits the enemy team and your team currently possess. Players should check this every round to see if the enemy team can afford powerful guns like the Operator, Phantom, Vandal and Odin. Players can also view their team’s minimum credits next round on the buy screen – ideally, this number should stay above 4,000 so you can afford a complete kit.

Eco-Buy / Save

Evo buy or save in Valorant

An eco-buy occurs when your team spends the lowest amount of credits possible while the enemy team forces. It is handy after a failed force-buy or in pistol rounds. Eco buys aim to keep the next round’s minimum credits above 4,000 in anticipation of a force-buy. They can be especially vital in a close game. For example, if your team is winning 11-8 and just lost the last round leaving you at 11-9, it might be wise to save for one round so you can force buy at 11-10 and maintain your lead.

A high-accuracy cheap pistol like a Sheriff or Ghost might be your best friend here unless you have to full-save an eco round to hit 4,000 minimum credits – then you shouldn’t buy anything and should stick to your Classic. Players on an eco-buy should always have a careful strategy and play cohesively with their team. In addition, watch out for aggressive forced-up enemies.


A bonus round occurs after a win. Your team uses the same guns and kits as the last round and does not buy up, even if your guns are technically weaker than the enemy team’s buys. In this scenario, your team likely decided on a half-buy in the previous round or won previously on a full buy force. If your team wins a bonus round, it’s a significant advantage for your team: the enemy will have to eco-buy and have fewer resources for the next few rounds while your team simultaneously shaves down shield and weapon costs. Bonusing is particularly wise if you are confident that your team’s aim and playstyle significantly outclass the enemy.


Full force buy in Valorant

Players buy powerful guns such as the Phantom, Vandal, Odin and Operator on a force-buy. In addition, you should aim for full utility and full shields. Force-buys occur when a team has well above the minimum 4,000 next-round credits or when it is essential to secure a round. Teams should always force in the last round of the half and any potential last round of the game. If your team forces up while the enemy is on an eco-buy, you can be more aggressive and more freely get picks.

Half-Buy / Buy-For-Next

Half buy in Valorant

In a half-buy – often communicated as a “buy-for-next” – your team buys as much as possible without dipping below the 4,000 credit minimum to force-buy the next round. A half-buy might include a Spectre, Bulldog, Marshal or even a Sheriff for those with confidence, and usually consists of light shields instead of costly full-shields. Players can also opt for more utility and a weaker gun or vice versa. A half-buy occurs when your team is wealthy enough to avoid an eco-buy but not to comfortably force up ARs like the Phantom and Vandal. While it isn’t quite an equal playing field, Bulldogs and Spectres have much more of a chance against Phantoms and Vandals than Classics and a half-buy can raise your team’s odds of winning a round significantly.

Because the different VALORANT buys necessitate using a variety of guns, it’s great to get comfortable with them in Deathmatch and Unrated. Make sure to practice Spectre, Bulldog, Sheriff, and Ghost use so you can win your pistol and eco rounds. Most of all, every round is winnable – keep your mentality up regardless of what buy your team is on.