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VALORANT Champions 2023 is just around the corner, featuring the top teams from around the world competing for a hefty prize pool and glory. The VALORANT Champions event also features a Champions bundle, which includes free rewards.

Recently, Riot Games revealed the Champions skin bundle, which will be released on August 4 and be available for a limited time. The collection includes a Vandal skin, melee, and a player card, title, and spray.

The Vandal skin features a small VCT logo that glows gold on the dark and shimmering weapon. Lit up and energized-looking purple lines spread from the logo down to the trigger of the Vandal. It’s an elegant design that features a dark and mysterious look that screams “champions.”

The melee is a tiny knife that also features the VCT logo front and center. The dark blade looks mystical thanks to its geometric, sharp shape and glowing veins that seem to shimmer from beneath the surface.


VALORANT players should expect some customizable animations to go along with the Champions skins but right now it’s largely a mystery beyond the appearance.

Along with the weapons are three other cosmetics that you won’t need to spend money on, according to promising leaks. These free items can be unlocked if you watch the VALORANT Champions 2023 stream. This includes:

  • The LOWRIDER title
  • The GEKKO DIFF spray
  • The Champions 2023 player card

How to Get the VALORANT Champions 2023 Free Cosmetics

The three free items are inspired by Hollywood glitz and glam to celebrate the Champions being held in Los Angeles.

This includes the player card featuring Gekko, the green-haired creature-controlling agent from Los Angeles doing the “LA” sign with his fingers. The title is also inspired by Los Angeles’ classic car culture, complete with palm trees.

You can get these items by tuning in to the Champions streams. You’ll need to watch the action for more than 10 minutes.

Make sure that your VALORANT account is connected to whatever platform you will watch the games on, whether it’s YouTube or Twitch. Then make sure drops are enabled and the items will be automatically added to your account once you watch the required amount of matches.

Here’s the schedule:

  • August 6-13: Title
  • August 16-25: Spray
  • August 26: Player card

The VALORANT Champions 2023 tournament will begin on August 6.