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VALORANT is celebrating Pride Month this year with cards and titles that have left the gaming community a bit underwhelmed.

Riot Games is giving every title the Pride Month treatment, including in-game items and updates and a celebration of LGBTQ+ individuals in each game’s community. You will now be able to get the new Proud and Fierce title and a bundle of colorful cards in VALORANT.

Here’s how to get the VALORANT Pride bundle, available now through June 27, 2023:

  • Go to the in-game store
  • Select the Pride collection
  • Complete the process for zero credits

After that, you’ll be able to claim the card and equip it. While the LGBTQ+ community was appreciative of the representation, a lot of the items were from last year. This made some gamers want a bit more effort.

VALORANT LGBTQ+ Community Highlighted With Artist Spotlight

Alongside in-game updates, each Riot-owned game also had a piece of custom-made artwork from a member of the artist community. For VALORANT, artist Luz Danaee created a vibrant image featuring all the agents.

Danaee started playing League of Legends in high school and immediately began creating art of the champions. She’s now been creating League of Legends artwork for 10 years. When she moved to VALORANT, she felt a connection to Killjoy.