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Ludwig Announces Massive VALORANT Crew Battle — Schedule, Competitors

Streamer turned esports org owner Ludwig Ahreg has just announced yet another tournament, this time the largest VALORANT crew battle.

Ludwig is no stranger to hosting record-breaking tournaments, including a Melee tournament with the biggest prize pool in history. Now, the YouTuber is looking to host the largest VALORANT crew battle.

A crew battle is usually something that happens in the fighting game community, but Ludwig is bringing the format to the FPS world. A crew battle has teams duking it out in an exhibition-style competition to see which squad comes out on top.

Who Is Competing in the VALORANT Crew Battle?

The “special VALORANT event” will feature a huge collection of top players, including pro players, Game Changers competitors, and content creators, as well as ranked players from the top of the leaderboards. Competing teams include:

  • Moist Moguls
  • Team Liquid
  • Fnatic
  • NRG

More teams will be announced later.

Who Is Hosting the VALORANT Crew Battle?

Not only will the Crew Battle have prominent players, there will be well-known hosts throughout the event. This includes Ludwig, of course, as well as esports commentators Sean Gares, Daniel "ddk" Kapadia, and mimi.

Ludwig VALORANT Crew Battle Format

According to the announcement tweet, there will be multiple game modes in the Crew Battle. This includes Team Deathmatch, 1v1 Crew Battle, and the classic 5v5 mode. The specific rules and competitive structure of each game mode have not been revealed just yet.

The Crew Battle also features the Brew Battles Challenge Wheel. This will bring some lighthearted entertainment to the event between intense matches. It even shows someone drinking some type of liquid from a shoe, so don’t expect anything serious from this part of the competition.

When is the Ludwig VALORANT Crew Battle?

The event will be livestreamed on August 22 on Ludwig’s YouTube channel