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  • MIBR go 2-1 during the first two weeks of the VCT Americas League, but 0-3 past three weeks.
  • Why does MIBR murizzz believe MIBR has been struggling on VCT Americas League stage?
  • How does MIBR in-game leader murizzz handle homesickness
  • What message does murizzz have for MIBR fans?
  • What is MIBR’s schedule in VCT Americas League?

For the first three weeks of the VCT Americas League, MIBR appeared to be one of the rising dark horses in the Americas League. After starting their season with a narrow loss to LOUD, they went on a two-match win streak against the likes of KRU and NRG to stand 2-1 after week three.

Since then, MIBR has struggled to regain any of that momentum from the first three weeks of play. Their streak of struggles began against Leviatan during the first half of the VCT Americas League super week. That then carried on with their quick 0-2 loss to Sentinels before faltering again this past week against C9.

MIBR murizzz on team's recent struggles

Joao "jzz" Pedro of MIBR VCT LOCK//IN Sao Paulo

MIBR during VCT 2023: LOCK//IN.

After their loss, MIBR in-game leader Murillo "murizzz" Tuchtenhagen was candid about how he felt about the team’s level of play on stage.

“I don’t feel comfortable at all with how we are playing right now,” murizzz truthfully stated while still experiencing the aftermath of their third straight loss in the VCT Americas League.

The past three weeks have been a shift from the promising level of play seen from MIBR’s first three weeks in the VCT Americas League. Ever since their 2-1 upset victory over NRG, the team has struggled to find any traction on stage. Still,

“I trust my team a lot and know that we are going to get over it,” murizzz said. “To be honest, preparation has actually been better than when we were winning.”

“We know that we can be good because we have been making so much progress as a team,” murizzz said. “Everything from improving our practice, playing confidently, and winning clutches are things we have been doing in practice. We are just struggling to bring that to the stage.”

How MIBR avoids battles with homesickness

MIBR VCT Americas League

MIBR in the VCT Americas League.

“It feels like we are in a boot camp,” murizzz truthfully revealed when asked about competing in the VCT Americas League. “We only think about the game while competing in the Americas because we are away from home and our family.”

While murizzz noted this separation from loved ones and family as a positive for allowing the team to place their focus solely on VALORANT, there are moments when it can get quite difficult. Yet, there was always a silver lining whenever this thought would come up that murizzz highlighted as one of the biggest motivating factors, they are living a dream.

“Every time we are feeling homesick, we just tell each other that we are in Los Angeles living our dreams,” murizzz said. “That helps us get back on track and realize why we are putting in so much effort.”

Can MIBR still make VCT Americas playoffs?


MIBR flag during VCT 2023: LOCK//IN.

Now, MIBR has a 2-5 record with just two matches left in the VCT Americas League regular season shy of a playoff spot in the VCT Americas League. The past few weeks have been a tough stretch, but their hopes of a postseason berth are still not over.

In his closing statement, murizzz took time to address fans of MIBR before sending the community a message declaring that the team plans on ending the VCT Americas League season strong.

“Thank you to everyone cheering for us and I’m sorry for these last few weeks of gameplay,” Murizzz said. “We know we can do better than this. Everyone on our team is mad because we know we can do so much better. We’re gonna work even harder and showcase a better level of play.”

MIBR will move forward into the VCT Americas League looking to grab their third win against Evil Geniuses on Saturday, May 13, 2023 at 3pm PT.