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  • Moist Moguls take on MAD Lions in VALORANT Challengers Split 2 NA opener.
  • Moist Moguls decimate MAD Lions 2-0 on Lotus and Ascent.
  • Who will Moist Moguls and MAD Lions play next in VALORANT Challengers?

Moist Moguls have begun VCL 2023: NA Split 2 in dominant fashion following their 2-0 decimation over MAD Lions.

Following M80’s VCL 2023: NA Split 1 victory over G2 Esports in the Grand Final, VALORANT Challengers Split 2 NA began today with a match between Moist Moguls and MAD Lions.

Heading into this series, many expectations were set on Moist Moguls to win this series over MAD Lions. They had a surprisingly strong 5th-6th place finish in VCL 2023: NA Split 1 while MAD Lions were coming off a disappointing 11th-place finish. As both teams entered the series, expectations were met.

Moist Moguls start VCL 2023: NA Split 2 dominant

MAD Lions were held to just seven rounds over the course of two games as Moist Moguls showcased strong form as the favorites going into this series. On Lotus, MAD Lions only got one round in the first half over Moist Moguls. While they were able to grab four rounds in the second half, it was not enough to mount a comeback.

Map two on Ascent appeared to be a slight improvement as MAD Lions collected two rounds in the first half. However, the second half saw Moist Moguls end it quickly 13-2 with three-consecutive round wins.

Moist Moguls now start their VCL 2023: NA Split 2 campaign 1-0 as they look to improve upon their 5th-6th place finish last split. They will have an opportunity to make a strong push towards this goal as they take on Split 1 Runner Ups G2 Esports next week on April 26 at 4pm PT.

MAD Lions’ 0-1 start in week 1 is a continuation of the team’s struggles in VCL 2023: NA Split 1 where they finished the regular season 1-5. With a new lineup of players, MAD Lions will look to win their series of VCL 2023: NA Split 2 against FaZe Clan who have also undergone changes to their lineup. That series will take place on April 28 at 4pm.

How can you watch VCL 2023: NA Split 2?

VALORANT viewers interested in tuning in to VCL 2023: NA Split 2 can do so by following the VCT Americas YouTube and Twitch channels.

Additionally, these Twitch and YouTube channels can also be used to view all VCT 2023: Americas League games live.