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  • SEN vs FUR VALORANT match was a do-or-die series for both sides.
  • SEN vs. FUR VALORANT match ends with an exciting finish to Sentinels VCT Americas League regular season campaign.
  • Can Sentinels still make VCT Americas League playoffs?
  • How do you watch VCT Americas League?

Los Angeles, California - A sea of Sentinels fans crowd into the VCT Americas League and rush into the studio to catch the final regular series of Sentinels. Once seated, they await the arrival of both Sentinels and Furia to walk onto the stage as they cheer for the five Sentinels members getting adjusted into their individual computer setups. Frankly, there was a lot riding for both Sentinels and Furia going into the final game three deciders on Bind.

One of the Sentinels players who had the most amount of pressure on him was Jimmy “Marved” Nguyen and for good reason.

Nobody would have expected Marved to be in the position he was in today during Sentinel's final regular season game of the VCT Americas League. Just a few weeks ago, Marved was on the sidelines watching the VCT Americas League games from his home in Toronto. Now, he stands as the new In-Game Leader for Sentinels as he entered the Furia match looking to lead the team to an impromptu postseason berth.

“I did not expect any of this at all. Everything just kinda happened,” Marved said. “I went with the flow, followed my heart, and found myself here. There have been no regrets. I want to continue having fun and keeping it all going.”

There was a lot of pressure for Sentinels to put on a show and provide hope for the swarm of Sentinels fans inside the Riot Games arena. Yet, for Marved, it was all business whenever he went onto the VCT Americas League stage, despite the unexpected pressure as Sentinel's new In-Game Leader.

“I put in a lot of prep work with Kaplan before this game and was locked in making sure I could get this team a win,” Marved said.

Can Sentinels still make VCT Americas League playoffs?

Sentinels VALORANT celebrate after win

Sentinels after VCT Americas League.

In the end, Marved led Sentinels to a 2-1 victory to end their VCT Americas League campaign to end their regular season with a 4-5 record, though, it was a mixed response from Marved after the series.

“It was really nice to win a wild game, but it’s a bittersweet feeling,” Marved truthfully shared when asked about his initial thoughts on coming out victorious in the series.

“Bittersweet” was a fitting way to describe Sentinels' 2-1 victory. While they positioned themselves into a spot for a chance at playoffs, the odds are no longer in their favor because of the one loss to Furia they gave up in map two. Still, the only thing Marved has his sights set on is looking at the things that he can control.

“It’s hard to make playoffs because of the game we lost, but we just need to look on the bright side and reflect on all the improvements we have made,” Marved said. “We’re not really worried about the future. Whether that’s playoffs or LCQ, we are going to try our best and keep grinding from here.”

Marved’s reflections of VCT Americas League run

Sentinels Marved VCT 2023 Americas League

Marved is the new IGL for Sentinels in VCT Americas League.

Heading into the series, Sentinels were 3-5 in the VCT Americas League regular season standings as they stood on the outskirts of a spot in the VCT Americas League postseason. In order to have a strong chance at the postseason they needed to go 2-0 against Furia. Still, the overall big picture for Sentinels is strong with this new five-man lineup. To that, Marved had just one final message to say to the fans before concluding his exhilarating VCT Americas League journey.

“I want to apologize to the fans if we don’t make playoffs,” Marved said. “We tried our best and if we did things a little differently then maybe we would have been in a better position to get there, but it is what it is. I feel like you guys are proud of us for our elevation and improvement, so let’s see what the future holds and focus on that.”

Sentinels’ VCT Americas League story is over. They will now watch the remaining VCT Americas Leagues games from the sidelines. Regardless, Sentinels will look towards the future as they look to continue their improvements as a new five-man unit.

The VCT Americas League playoffs will run from Tuesday to Sunday. The top six teams will compete in a double-elimination bracket to determine which three Americas League teams will go to VCT Masters Tokyo and qualify for VCT Champions Los Angeles.

You can watch the live streams through the VALORANT Americas Twitch and YouTube channels.