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  • Sentinels and MIBR face each other in VCT Americas League Superweek.
  • Sentinels sixth man Jimmy “Marved” Nguyen was named match MVP against MIBR.
  • Who are Sentinels playing next week in VCT Americas League?

Sentinels end VCT 2023: Americas League super week on a high note after their 2-0 sweep over MIBR with sixth-man Marved.

Despite many setbacks to this team, Sentinels have continued to show their resilience in the VCT Americas League. While their VCT Americas League record stood at 1-3 going into this series, Sentinels have quietly become an undervalued team. So going up against MIBR, many were expecting this series between both teams to be a close one. However, It was a completely different story than many had expected as both teams started playing the match.

Sentinels’ Marved leads team to 2-0 over MIBR

Sentinels’ sixth man Jimmy “Marved” Nguyen was a complete game changer on Pearl and Fracture throughout their series against MIBR. On Pearl, it was Marved’s Viper that was outstanding as both his utility usage and fragging abilities were put on full display.

On Pearl, the Sentinels sixth man posted a 1.53 Rating, a 287 Average Combat Score, and 18 kills to lead Sentinels to a 13-5 victory.

Then, it was Marved’s Brimstone play on Fracture that became the new star. Once again. Marved’s utility usage was world-class as Sentinels looked cohesive playing around his smokes and utility. Additionally, one of the biggest boosts to Sentinels’ game on Fracture was their improved mid-rounding calls. MIBR had no opportunities to break through during post-plant situations if Marved wasn’t stopping them from entering the site in the first place.

After a 9-3 first half on Fracture, the team closed out map two in style with a 13-6 victory as the Sentinels sixth man acquired his first win of the VCT Americas League, as well as the match MVP award. Whether he will be playing next week in the team is still unknown. Regardless, this week was a success for the Sentinels sixth man in his return to competitive VALORANT.

Sentinels and MIBR moving forward in VCT Americas League

This win against MIBR puts Sentinels at a respectable 2-3 record in the VCT Americas League. They will now look to improve to 3-3 next week against the 3-1 Cloud9 in week five.

Meanwhile, this week has been uncharacteristically difficult for MIBR, who came into this super week with a 2-1 record. They now stand tied with Sentinels at 2-3 as they look towards next week’s match against Furia Esports.