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  • Shopify Rebellion GC parts ways with bENITA following their second-place finish during VCT Game Changers Series I.
  • What are the next steps for Shopify Rebellion GC and bENITA?
  • When does VALORANT Game Changers Series II begin?

Shopify Rebellion GC has revealed that they have parted ways with Benita “bENITA” Novshadian following the team’s second-place finish at VCT Game Changers Series I.

“Enjoyed my time at Shopify Rebellion GC,” bENITA wrote on Twitter. “Immense amount of experience and one of the most dedicated, motivated players you’ll work with. Most comfortable on controller and initiator.”

bENITA’s departure marks the end of a 10-month-long tenure with Shopify Rebellion GC. The FPS veteran joined the team back in June 2022 where she played a big part in the team’s 2nd-place finish at the VCT Game Changers World Championship.

“While changes, especially for those who we hold in high regard, are never easy - we do so to push further than we have gone before as we continue to chase the incredibly high bar we set for ourselves,” Shopify Rebellion wrote in their official announcement post. “Thank you, Benita. We’re excited to cheer on your next chapter as you continue to inspire and leave your mark on VALORANT and esports as a whole.”

Shopify Rebellion GC is known as one of the top teams in the VALORANT Game Changers scene, having finished 2nd in four VCT Game Changers events in two years.

However, bENITA’s departure from Shopify Rebellion Game Changers now leaves the team with just four players on their lineup. It is unknown who will replace bENITA on the new Game Changers lineup, though it is likely it will be a player that specializes in Controllers.

When does VALORANT Game Changers Series II begin?

VALORANT Game Changers 2022

VALORANT Game Changers World Championship.

Both bENITA and Shopify Rebellion GC will have a few months to figure out their next steps before the start of VALORANT Game Changers Series II. The VALORANT Game Changers Series II Open Qualifier will begin on July 13 and end on July 16. There, eight teams will qualify for the VALORANT Game Changers Series II main event taking place from July 26-30.

With three months until the start of VALORANT Game Changers Series II, it will be interesting to see which Game Changers teams will be contenders to dethrone VCT Game Changers Series I champions, Version1, in Series II.

You can watch the VCT Game Changers action unfold on VCT's Twitch and YouTube channels.