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The Ten Best Vandal Skins in VALORANT, Ranked

The vandal rules the VALORANT streets and it has some of the best skins in the game. We look at 10 of the sweetest cosmetics you can get in the game
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Of all VALORANT guns, the Vandal is the most preferred by the player base and has long reigned supreme in terms of use. There is something satisfying about the gun’s crisp one-taps and precision. VALORANT is a game focusing on “precise gunplay”, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for players to explore creative customization options. From gun skins to gun buddies to banners, there are plenty of ways to add to your unique experience in the game. Let’s explore the top 10 Vandal skins that will impress enemies and teammates alike.

Oni Vandal

oni vandal valorant skin

Like the rest of its skinset, the Oni Vandal is mystical and ancient. Who knows what historic events this gun has seen before you picked it up off the fallen enemy Jett? Players using this vandal will definitely awaken the Oni within. Its kill effect is a shot with resounding echo, accompanied by a cheeky kill icon of the Oni itself. After completing an impressive ace against the opposing team, one can expect an equally impressive finisher animation of the Oni being restrained before rising suspended into the air.

Chronovoid Vandal

chronovoid vandal skin valorant

Released in 2022, the Chronovoid set has one of the finest inspection animations in the game. It’s undeniably addicting to watch the orb in the center of this vandal spin. Its finisher is no less satisfying to watch as it captures the enemy player in an orb suspended in time for all eternity. A little intense, no? Nonetheless, this gun certainly has flair.

RGX Pro Vandal

rgx pro vandal skin valorant

The RGX Vandal poses a great question to VALORANT fans – why have one color in a gun when you could have them all? This vandal is fun, funky and fresh. By inspecting the gun, players can cycle through every color of the rainbow. Groovy, right? Its finisher animation lives up to the hype with an epic colorful hologram of the defeated enemy.

Gaia’s Vengeance Vandal

gaia's vengance vandal skin valorant

Confidence is quiet and insecurity is loud – the Gaia’s Vengeance vandal is an enduring favorite of players who appreciate the subtle yet fearsome strength of the natural elements. The skin has a pleasing if somewhat fantastic design, and beautiful accompanying animations. The finisher turns the enemy into a peaceful, powerful tree laced with elemental magic.

Prime Vandal

prime vandal skin valorant

An oldie but a goodie, the Prime Vandal has lost none of its flex potential since its introduction in 2020. It remains a classy, practical and fun pick. Though the yellow, black and white variety is by far the most common, players can choose from a variety of exciting colors including blue-green, lime, and orange and blue. Perhaps the most satisfying aspect of the Prime skin set is its firing sound, which is clean and crisp. Its geometric dragon finisher is a lighthearted way to cap off a win.

Elderflame Vandal

elderflame vandal skin valorant

Love it or hate it, no one can deny that the Elderflame Vandal’s chunky dragon design is iconic. Everything about the skin set is impressively crafted, from the texture and sheen of the dragon’s scales to its endearing fire-breathing reload animation. It’s scary to hold a site alone – but with your little dragon buddy, you’ll always be prepared to blaze through enemy pushes with style.

Sentinels of Light Vandal

sentinels of light vandal skin valorant

The Sentinels of Light Vandal was introduced as part of the Sentinels of Light event. The skin references another beloved Riot game, League of Legends. As the player base of League and VALORANT largely overlaps, the Sentinels of Light set was quickly accepted by fans and easily became a staple in the game. Aside from the hype of its launch, the vandal is beautifully rendered and animated. It comes in a wide array of colors, with purple, pink, gold and green varieties.

Ion Vandal

ion vandal skin valorant

The Ion vandal is certainly a unique concept compared to the other VALORANT skins. It is more rounded, streamlined and sleek than the typical vandal. The headshot sounds from this gun are extremely pleasing – the crunchy and futuristic sound effect feels reminiscent of an old-school space-themed arcade game. Its entire design is straight out of a sci-fi flick, though enemies hopefully won’t be able to dodge its bullets Matrix-style.

Araxys Vandal

araxys vandal skin valorant

The Araxys Vandal boasts an intricate geometric design. Released in January 2023, this skin fits a futuristic, cyberpunk theme. While it is a newer addition to VALORANT than the longer-lived Prime and Reaver vandals, its popularity is already high among the player base. Though it appears simplistic, the vandal is exceptionally well developed, including a stunning inspection animation revealing the core of the gun. Similarly to the Reaver, it is a gun that is classy and impressive but not visually overbearing.

Reaver Vandal

Reaver vandal skin valorant

You knew this was coming – the Reaver Vandal is the near-undisputed king of the VALORANT skin game. Since its introduction in 2020, it has remained a constant favorite among fans. Its glorious clanging headshot sound is music to any VALORANT player’s ears. This vandal’s intense finisher animation and beautiful gothic design make it perfect for any player undergoing their ‘villain arc’. A player hitting headshots with the Reaver vandal will certainly strike fear into the hearts of the enemy team.