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  • What changed with Gekko in VALORANT patch 6.08?
  • What changed with Killjoy in VALORANT patch 6.08?
  • Is Icebox gone in VAL Patch 6.08 update?
  • When can I play on VALORANT patch 6.08?

The VALORANT 6.08 Patch Update is finally here as VALORANT players will be able to hop back onto the server with a few changes to the game. From slight updates to agents Gekko and Killjoy to the addition of Bind for Icebox, here is everything you need to know about the VALORANT 6.08 update moving forward into the new meta.

What changed with Gekko in VAL 6.08 patch update?


Gekko is the first Angeleno agent in VALORANT.

VALORANT’s Angeleno agent has received a number of changes to his audio and visual cues in VALORANT 6.08. Gekko’s Wingman (Q) has received audio improvements during plant and defuse and should stand out more during hectic combat situations.

Additionally, the Angeleno Agent has also received in-game portrait updates so that Gekko mains will have more quality consistency and better gameplay readability.

While these aren’t major updates to Gekko’s kit as a VALORANT agent, they certainly do refine his place in the game which should be exciting during key moments in-game. Still, VALORANT players will still need to wait for that major change to Gekko if they want to see VALORANT’s first Angeleno agent in more VCT games.

How has Killjoy changed in VAL patch 6.08?

Killjoy is a prominent agent in the competitive VALORANT meta.

Killjoy is a prominent agent in the competitive VALORANT meta.

Unlike Gekko, Killjoy has a prominent place in the competitive VALORANT meta as she is a staple in many competitive maps. Regardless, the agent will receive changes that improve her ability to interact with other players. This will be done through more distinct audio cues, such as when her utility is being destroyed. Apart from audio cues, Killjoy has also received a number of visual updates, namely to the yellow warning indicator for Lockdown, which will now be removed.

Finally, Killjoy’s radius for Nanoswarm reveal radius has been increased from 350 to 525 so that more opponents can path methodically through the Nanoswarm and track it down. It will be interesting to see how this change to Killjoy’s nano swarm impact the competitive VALORANT meta moving forward.

Say goodbye to Icebox in VAL Patch 6.08 and hello to Bind

VALORANT 6.08 patch note highlights

VALORANT 6.08 updates.

Icebox haters will finally have their shot at playing VALORANT games without the worry of having to play on Icebox as the map has been rotated out for Bind in the competitive and unrated map pools. So that means that if you are a defender, you will no longer have to be wary of the five-man rush to the site every single round as Bind is ready to provide players with a new experience for the foreseeable future.

It will be interesting to see what Riot Games does to Icebox during its hiatus away from the competitive map pool as it has been subject to mixed feedback from the community.

Apart from Killjoy, Gekko changes, and Icebox, there isn’t too much that is different in regard to gameplay apart from a few bug fixes and visual updates.

When can you play on VAL Patch 6.08 update?

VAL Patch 6.08 update is now officially live as VALORANT players can now move forward with the new changes.

Those looking for the entire VAL 6.08 patch notes can do so through the Riot Games site