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  • When will VALORANT Champions 2023 take place?
  • Who are the teams competing at VCT Champions 2023?
  • How can you purchase tickets for VCT Champions 2023?

The VALORANT World Championship is finally heading to Los Angeles, California as North American VALORANT fans will have their hopes set on the Americas region winning the title on home soil.

Here is everything you need to know about VCT Champions 2023, the schedule, the location, and what teams are qualified for the upcoming VALORANT World Championship.

When Will VCT Champions 2023 Take Place?

VCT Champions 2023 is set to begin on August 6 where 16 of the best teams across the three international leagues and the Chinese region will meet in Los Angeles as they fight for the title of VALORANT World Champion.

VALORANT Champions 2023 will run from August 6-26 as 16 teams set their sights on becoming the third VALORANT World Champion. The 20-day VALORANT World Championship will take place across two venues in Los Angeles, California. The earlier rounds will watch teams battle it out at the Shrine Auditorium. Meanwhile, Finals Weekend of VCT Champions 2023 will occur in the Kia Forum.

The Group Stage will take place from August 6-13 while the double-elimination bracket will take up the remainder of the schedule from August 16-26.

 VALORANT Champions 2023 Teams

Based on previous events, VCT Champions 2023 will begin with a group stage before moving to an eight-team double-elimination playoff bracket.

Here are all the teams that have secured their spot at VCT Champions 2023:

  • Fnatic (EMEA)
  • Team Liquid (EMEA)
  • FUT Esports (EMEA)
  • Evil Geniuses (Americas)
  • LOUD (Americas)
  • NRG (Americas)
  • Paper Rex (Pacific)
  • DRX (Pacific)
  • T1 (Pacific)
  • EDward Gaming (China)
  • Bilibili Gaming (China)
  • FunPlus Phoenix (China)
  • KRU Esports (North America)
  • Natus Vincere (EMEA)
  • ZETA Division (Pacific)

How To Get VALORANT Champions 2023 Tickets?

General Admission tickets for VCT Champions 2023 went on sale starting on June 23 at 9 am PT. Tickets for the matches taking place at the Shrine Auditorium cost $40-50 on weekdays and $50-60 on the weekends.

Meanwhile, tickets at the Kia Forum during the Finals Weekend range from $40 to $240 depending on where you are seated.

The following are the links to purchase tickets during VCT Champions 2023:

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