How To Get Access To 'The War Within' Beta

Looking to test World of Warcraft's tenth expansion? We've got you covered with how to gain access to 'The War Within' beta testing.

Blizzard Entertainment's long-lasting legendary MMORPG "World of Warcraft" is seeing its tenth expansion launch later this year. Players eager to try it out before it launches, however, can do so by playing in the 'The War Within' beta test, beginning on June 5.

How To Gain Access To 'The War Within' Beta

There are two ways to gain entry into the beta. You can either opt-in for beta access and hope you get selected or you can prepurchase the epic edition of 'The War Within' to get guaranteed access to the beta.

The Guaranteed Method

The only guaranteed way of getting beta access without being a noteworthy content creator or prominent member of the media, is to preorder the epic edition of The War Within. The epic edition is most expensive edition you can buy, costing $89.99 USD.

War Within, The War Within, The War Within Purchase
The War Within store page inside the launcher /

As you can see above, there are three different versions you can purchase. Buying the epic edition of The War Within is the only way to guarantee beta access. If you're curious about what else the epic edition comes with or what the heroic edition comes with you can see a chart on Blizzard's website, just simply click the pre-purchase button and it'll show you the chart. You can also view the same chart within the launcher by visiting The War Within's store page.

The Opt-In Method

To opt-in for a chance of gaining access to the beta, you need to visit The War Within's page on Blizzard's site. From there, simply sign into your account and click the big "BETA OPT-IN" button on the right side of the screen; next to the preorder button.

After you've clicked that button, your account is now opted into the beta and every time Blizzard does an invite wave over the course of the beta, you have a chance of being selected.

Ben Fitzsimmons