How to Fix Mike-01 Error in XDefiant

Here’s how to fix the Mike-01 error when loading XDefiant on Console and PC

XDefiant has just launched, and while it’s going pretty smoothly, it has definitely not been without issues. One of the biggest issues in XDefiant’s launch has been the Mike-01 error, something that has affected many users. Here’s all the information we know about the Mike-01 error, and the steps you can take to try to fix it.

What is the Mike-01 error in XDefiant?

The Mike-01 error in XDefiant simply means that your Console or PC cannot connect to the Ubisoft servers. However, this does not always mean that it’s an issue with your Console or PC, instead, this may be due to the Ubisoft servers being down.

The Ubisoft servers could be down for a number of reasons, for example an update, maintenance, or an issue on their end. In addition, the Mike-01 error may also occur shortly after an XDefiant update, meaning you should check to see if your client needs to be updated.

How to Fix Mike-01 error in XDefiant

The Mike-01 error in XDefiant can’t always be fixed right away as there may be scheduled downtime on Ubisoft servers. However, there are a few things you can try when you receive this error:

  • Check if XDefiant servers are down, or Ubisoft servers have scheduled maintenance. You can see any scheduled updates from the XDefiant Twitter/X Account, or from the Ubisoft Help Page.
  • Restart your Console or PC and internet connection. The best way of doing this is to turn off your platform and router, wait a few minutes, and then restart. This may fix the Mike-01 error if it is an issue with your connection.
  • Check for an XDefiant update.

That’s everything we know about the Mike-01 error in XDefiant. If none of this works, we recommend reaching out to Ubisoft on their Help page.

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