How to Unlock All XDefiant Mastery Camos

XDefiant has three mastery camos to grind, here’s how to unlock them all

XDefiant has just dropped, and if you’re already dominating the lobbies then you might want to start working on your mastery camo grind. Ubisoft’s new Free to Play shooter features three mastery camos that players can unlock by leveling up their weapons. This is much different to most First Person Shooters which usually require hours of tedious challenges such as point-blank kills, longshots, and much more.

Here’s everything you need to know about mastery camos in XDefiant, including how they look and how to unlock them.

How to Unlock Mastery Camos in XDefiant

XDefiant features three mastery camos, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each mastery camo can be unlocked by leveling up your weapon. Each kill with a weapon awards 100 XP, with each level requiring 3,500 XP to complete.

  • Bronze – Weapon Level 50.
  • Silver – Weapon Level 75.
  • Gold – Weapon Level 100.

Mastery camo progress can be tracked by heading to your weapon and selecting the “Mastery” tab.

XDefiant in-game image

While the challenge to unlock mastery camos is incredibly easy as you just need to use the weapon, it is incredibly time consuming. It’s predicted that an average player would need around 80 hours using a weapon to reach level 100 and unlock the Gold mastery camo. This is longer than most mastery camo grinds in other games, but it at least gives players something to play for while we wait for more content.

Some players, however, have already started to design their own mastery camo concepts.

While the mastery camo grind is long, it will give you the opportunity to find the best build for every weapon and unlock all of the attachments. However, if you’re looking to find the meta weapons to use right now, check out our Top 5 Meta Weapons in XDefiant.

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