XDefiant: Best SVD Loadout

The SVD Marksman Rifle can be lethal in XDefiant… with the right loadout

XDefiant has just launched, and many players are loving the gameplay style of Ubisoft's new First Person Shooter. Marksman Rifles are a great option for people looking to take long range gunfights, and potentially even create a highlight reel.

The SVD Marksman Rifle is the best of them all, and with the correct loadout it becomes an absolute beast in the hands of a talented player. Here’s the best SVD Marksman Rifle Loadout for XDefiant.

Best SVD XDefiant Loadout

XDefiant Screnshot in-game
  • Muzzle: Muzzle Brake
  • Front Rail: Angled Grip
  • Barrel: Rapid Fire Barrel
  • Rear Grip: Heavy Grip
  • Stock: Padded Stock

A big issue with the SVD Marksman Rifle right out of the gate is the recoil. However, this is easily fixed by using the Muzzle Brake, Padded Stock, Angled Grip and Heavy Grip. All four of these attachments give an increase to recoil control, and will ensure that more of your shots hit than ever before.

The final attachment is the Rapid Fire Barrel. We use this as the SVD’s base damage isn’t extremely high. Therefore, we’re looking to send as many shots as possible in as little time as possible, increasing your chances of confirming a kill.

We go for the 686 Magnum as our Secondary weapon as this allows us to dominate in close range gun fights due to its high firepower. And finally, the Frag Grenade is our equipment of choice as it allows us to break into objectives and clear out congested parts of the map.

How to Unlock the SVD

The SVD Marksman Rifle can be unlocked by completing the following challenge in XDefiant: Get 15 Longshot kills with a Marksman Rifle. A Longshot kill is achieved by eliminating an enemy from a distance of 30 metres or more. This challenge won't take you too long, and then you can start levelling up the SVD to create this incredible loadout.

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