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When is XDefiant Releasing? - Latest Update on Development

XDefiant’s release could be just around the corner. The latest update from Mark Rubin gives players hope that the wait won't be much longer

XDefiant has been highly anticipated since the Beta was released in June 2023. Following this, information on the release date has been sparse, with minimal updates from the development team. XDefiant was originally planned to release in Summer 2023, before being pushed back to Q4 2023, and now we’re in 2024, with no knowledge of a release date.

However, earlier today, Mark Rubin released an update on XDefiant’s development, noting that Netcode issues have been resolved, and more news will be coming shortly.

“The team is getting back into office this week and we are ready for a great year! We will have some more specific news in the next couple of weeks as we get ready for launch. But the quick update on our progress is: 1) We have addressed the weird issues that were affecting Netcode and we will continue to improve and test our netcode before and after launch, and 2) we’ve implemented the new Party System and are now just putting it through rigorous testing and bug fixing as we get ready for launch. I also want to give a shout out to those team members who worked through the holidays. Much of our team is working on future content but many of those that are working on getting the game ready to ship did put in some hours over the holidays and I want to recognize their dedication. We try very hard to not be a crunch studio as we care about our people and their families. The whole team is very dedicated to XDefiant and we are super excited to launch this game!” - Mark Rubin, Executive Producer

XDefiant in Game

This is great news, and will be extremely welcome to XDefiant fans who are looking forward to the release. It appears that the game is almost ready to be released, and just has some bug fixing to go through before we can expect it to drop. Rubin even noted how the team is working extremely hard, and even put in hours over the holidays so that fans can get their hands on XDefiant as soon as possible.

The recent release of The Finals is sure to have been seen by the team at XDefiant, and could potentially be pushing them to release sooner. However, with The Finals now out, Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone topping the shooter charts, and even a potential new Battlefield release being revealed shortly, XDefiant will have some tough competition when it does drop.