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Mike Stanton Breaks Down Significance of Yankees Ace Gerrit Cole's Injury, "This Rotation Already Has Issues"

Mike Stanton reveals the scary nature of Yankees ace Gerrit Cole's injury, and how it might cause some issues with the depth of the current rotation.

The New York Yankees are set to start their season against the Boston Red Socks, and they are likely to be without their ace pitcher, Gerrit Cole. Cole is dealing with an unspecified elbow injury that is being looked at via an MRI. 

The Yankees have seemingly been downplaying the situation, and Cole's injury could be far more devastating to the current rotation. Despite its talented players, depth could become the biggest handicap for the team should Cole not be able to play for an extended period. 

"Reigning American League. Cy Young Award winner Gerrit Cole is going for an MRI on that very expensive right elbow of his. The Yankees are doing a pretty good job of staying calm and downplaying this, but we know that this rotation already has some issues. It's very talented. But there's not a whole heck of a lot of depth."

via Mike Stanton, Bleav in The Bronx

Cole went 15-4 with a 2.63 ERA and 222 strikeouts last season, which would be sorely missed. The reigning Cy Young Award winner is also getting up there in age and has not bounced back from his injury in the way that he had hoped. 

What makes this situation a bit scarier is both Carlos Rodón and Nestor Cortes are also returning from injuries. Should they aggravate those injuries again, it could spell trouble for the Yankees. 

The Yankees could look to Blake Snell, who has yet to be signed—but can they afford his contract right now? The best and easiest option here is to allow Cole to rest his elbow further, and no surgery will be required for whatever injury he has sustained.