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Are the Rams the Best at Drafting Talent in the NFL?

Why do the Rams continue to show their elite-level talent evaluation?

The Los Angeles Rams could be one of the best talent evaluators in the NFL. It's hard to argue with their picks in the last few seasons.

For starters, Puka Nacua was drafted in the fifth round at pick #177. He has since posted a ridiculous 105 receptions, 1,486, and 6 TDs. His receiving yards and receptions are both rookie records. 

Kyren Williams was also a 2022 NFL Draft pick selected in the fifth round and pick #164. He posted 1,144 rushing yards and 12 TDs. 

The Bleav in Rams crew discusses this and reminds fans that they should be happy the team is so good at evaluating talent. 

"This is a team that has just crushed evaluation with those mid to later rounds. So Kyren was round five, pick 164, Puka was round five, pick 177, Cooper Kupp was round three, pick 69. So I think that one of the things that Rams fans can feel really comfortable about and they already know this, is that this is a team that has become really, really good at evaluating what works for their offense and finding guys who don't have to be the best at everything."

via Lindsay Rhodes, Bleav in Rams

Lindsay Rhodes and Michael Fabiano are discussing how the Rams have flourished in the draft, which includes knowing which mid to late-round picks will be productive. Landing Cooper Kupp, Nacua, and Williams is insane when you think about the rounds they were selected in. They are all stars.

"And so they're looking for people that they know they can put in a position to succeed. And I think that's why you're getting a lot of good value picks. I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't pick a running back at some point for the depth, because you've talked about Kyren Williams and his injury history, but also stockpiling running backs that are inexpensive is a smart way to go these days."

via Lindsay Rhodes, Bleav in Rams

Funny enough, the Rams were supposed to be in a "rebuilding" year. They went on to secure a 10-7 record. With more pieces drafted, they could shock the world and return to the Super Bowl just three seasons after winning it. 

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