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Chris Hogan Believes the Patriots Should Try to Sign Tee Higgins, "We Gotta Take Some Chances"

Chris Hogan is in on the Patriots trading for Tee Higgins, now that the star WR has requested a trade.

The Cincinnati Bengals used their franchise tag on WR Tee Higgins, who has shocked the NFL world by instead requesting a trade. He likely views his production as far more valuable than the $21.8 million the tag will give him. 

Higgins has grown frustrated after the Bengals have not made a move on working on a long-term deal. Despite being injured in 2023, Higgins still pulled in 656 yards and 5 TDs. With Ja'Marr Chase and Joe Burrown needing cap space for their contracts, Higgins is likely not going to receive a long-term deal, leading to his request for a trade. 

Former Patriots WR Chris Hogan revealed on The Patriots Report why the team should be attempting to bring in Higgins, even if it means giving him the big contract he believes he deserves. 

"If you're New England, do you call up Cincinnati and say, 'Look, you can have the number 34 overall pick for Higgins?' Knowing that you're going to eventually have to pay him somewhere in the vicinity of, let's say, $15 to $20 million dollars a year for the next few years."

via Christopher Price, The Patriots Report

Christopher Price initially proposes the question to Hogan about what it might take for the Patriots to land Higgins in a trade. He indicates that the #34 overall pick would be enough. 

Higgins for a second-round pick is not a bad deal at all. Again, he was hurt, but still managed to bring in plenty of yards and TDs. 

"Do I think drafting rookie receivers and expecting them to be big-time playmakers on a team is the answer right now? I don't know because I think that takes some time for these kids to kind of get, you know, the Ja'Marr Chase's of the world...So do I think going out and getting a guy like Higgins who is an established receiver and has played pretty dang well since he's been in the league? Yeah, man, I mean, we got to work, we got to take some chances."

via Chris Hogan, The Patriots Report

Hogan is alluding to the Patriots likely not drafting Marvin Harrison Jr. at pick #3. The team is likely going to get a QB. That means Harrison is gone, but they can address a big need via trading for Higgins. 

Higgins is a proven WR, and risking their hopes on a rookie receiver could come back to haunt them. The Patriots also just lost DeVante Parker in free agency, so they need receivers even more. Higgins could elevate that room immediately.