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Jesse Holley on Cowboys' One-Year Deals Ruining Free Agent Acquisitions, "It Keeps Agents Away"

Jesse Holley breaks down how the Cowboys' contracts are keeping free agents from wanting to sign with the team.

The Dallas Cowboys have been quiet in free agency so far. Up until former Chargers LB Erc Kendricks flipped his pick from the 49ers to the Cowboys, the team had not acquired a single player from another team. 

It might have to do with the messy contract situation they are in with QB Dak Prescott. However, it could also be that agents are advising their clients to stay away from the fickle leadership of the Cowboys organization. 

Jesse Holley breaks down why the one-year deals that are often given by the Cowboys are dampening their ability to sign big-name free agents.

"But when you look at the cowboy situation, this may go back to that whole how they handle the business from how they handled the operation from a business side. I have a coach, an offensive coordinator on a one-year deal. Defensive coordinator on a one-year deal. And so what my client, because it is always going to look at is my client going to be in a situation where he will be able to prosper and we get you another contract in a couple of years. But the one-year deals, right? The one-year deals with your head coach, and offensive and defensive coordinator. I think that sometimes even keeps agents away from the Cowboys."

via Jesse Holley, Bleav in the Dallas Cowboys

Holley has a point in that the Cowboys are showing that they aren't trusting anyone enough by giving out more than a one-year deal. The one-year deal may not be rare, but having multiple players and coaches on that shows the team is fickle and could move on when there is no more use for you. 

It sounds harsh, but that is the way that NFL agents could perceive how contracts are handed by the front office of the Cowboys. 

"Because if we go from a different system that my client can't be successful in, then I'm going to put him somewhere where there's a little bit more longevity. We can actually produce some numbers and actually get to that next contract, whether it be the client's, you know, third contract or fourth or whatever it is."

via Jesse Holley, Bleav in the Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys having too much turnover, or not trusting their staff with more than one-year contract is doing damage whether they believe it to be smart business or not. Things might need to change from an organizational standpoint for Dallas to be the dream landing spot for NFL players that it once was.