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Ramon Foster On Steelers Signing Russell Wilson, "It Cuts the Legs Out From Under Kenny Pickett"

Ramon Foster comments on the Steelers bringing in Russell Wilson, and how it should lead to Kenny Pickett asking for a trade.

The Pittsburgh Steelers pulled off one of the biggest free agent signings by bringing in former Seahawks and Broncos QB, Russell Wilson. Wilson had a mediocre few years in the Mile High City, leaving him on the outs with Sean Payton. 

The Steelers were thought to roll with Pickett, but their confidence in the young QB has been made known. The idea is that Wilson would come in and offer some healthy competition for Pickett, but it's not that clear-cut. 

Wilson is likely to start, as he is still one of the best passers in the league. Former Steelers guard Ramon Foster discussed how adding Wilson all but "cuts the legs out from under Pickett," on the Ramon Foster Steelers Show.

"This happens to players often. You get undercut. Mason is undercut when it comes down to him having a bargaining chip to negotiate with another team. The other side of that is that this cuts Kenny's legs out from underneath him also."

via Ramon Foster, The Ramon Foster Steelers Show

Foster is indicating that adding Wilson not only messes up backup QB Mason Rudolph from being able to negotiate a higher contract with another team, but it also signals the end of Pickett starting. 

He has a huge point. Rudolph had been playing well in his limited time, and he was set for a bigger contract in terms of a backup role with another team. Sadly, the Steelers' lack of faith in Rudolph may have ruined that. 

The same can be said for Pickett. To be fair, the offensive line wasn't where it was supposed to be, and Pickett paid dearly for that. He never had the right time to throw downfield, leaving the Steelers' offense seem far more one-dimensional. Again, adding Wilson might ward off other teams from wanting to take Pickett in considering Pittsburgh doesn't trust him enough to start. 

Pickett should seek a trade, but his sample size and the Steelers adding Wilson might have tanked his appeal.