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As has become increasingly common, most fans know who their team will be playing and when by the time the NFL schedule is released on Wednesday evening.

Thanks to the NFL apparently being the leakiest ship since the post-iceberg Titanic, we already have a pretty good picture of when a decent chunk of games will be happening.

And for the Vikings, we may well have the full schedule already, with a leak being spread on social media suggesting this is how the Vikings season will go down:

The leaked schedule, which obviously has not yet been confirmed, has the Vikings starting with games on the road at Cincinnati and Arizona, a home opener Sept. 26 against the Seahawks, a Halloween Sunday Night Football at home to the Cowboys, and finishing the season with a trip to Lambeau Field followed by the Bears at U.S. Bank Stadium.

Some of the games on the leaked list match up with those already confirmed by sports journalists, with the Star Tribune's Ben Goessling saying it sounds "fairly accurate" given he's been able to confirm the Vikings' Nov. 7 and Nov. 14 trips to Baltimore and the Chargers respectively.

This spreadsheet of leaked schedules also has the Vikings down for two Sunday Night Football games at home to the Cowboys and at the Packers, a Thursday Night Football in Week 14 at home to the Steelers, and a Week 15 Monday Night Football in Chicago.

We won't know for certain however until the official list is released at 7 p.m. Central.