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From the moment he entered the NBA as the second overall pick in 2007, everyone knew Kevin Durant was going to be a special player. Being just 21-years-old during the 2009-10 season, Durant became the youngest player in NBA history to lead the league in scoring and he did so four times over a five-year span.

Making the All-Star Game every season he has played in since the 2009-10 season, Durant has cemented his legacy as one of the NBA’s greatest players of all-time. However, the two-time Finals MVP’s career is far from over.

Coming off a torn Achilles in the 2019 NBA Finals, Durant has looked just as good, if not better than before he suffered his Achilles injury! The Brooklyn Nets have depended on Kevin Durant to be their leader and MVP-like talent over the years, yet the team has really struggled to go anywhere in the postseason.

Now, the Nets face a doomsday scenario, as Kevin Durant has requested a trade this offseason.

Over the last week since this announcement was made, every single team in the league has checked in with Brooklyn about the possibility of trading for him. However, the Nets do not seem to be close to any deal and this situation with Durant could very well be dragged out over the course of the entire offseason, possibly leading into preseason minicamp!

Who knows where Kevin Durant will end up, if he is to even be traded, but at any point, he could be moved to any team in the league.

With that said, let’s take a look at the other 29 teams in the NBA outside of the Brooklyn Nets and not only evaluate their current assets, but what kind of intriguing package they could put together in a potential proposal for Kevin Durant.

Atlanta Hawks


Tradable Assets: F John Collins, C Clint Capela, G Bogdan Bogdanovic, F De’Andre Hunter, F Jalen Johnson, 2 First-Round Picks (2023, 2029)

Best Proposal: F John Collins, G Bogdan Bogdanovic, F Jalen Johnson, ATL 2023 1st Round Pick (Unprotected), ATL 2028 1st Round Pick (Swap, More Favorable to BKN), ATL 2029 1st Round Pick (Top-4 Protected)

Recently trading for All-Star guard Dejounte Murray, it does not seem likely that the Atlanta Hawks will be looking to give up more future assets in a massive deal for Kevin Durant. However, this scenario is definitely intriguing for Atlanta given the idea of pairing Durant with both Trae Young and Dejounte Murray.

John Collins is a player the Hawks have shown interest in dealing and the one thing Atlanta has been missing next to Young is another elite-level scoring option. The Nets though would likely need a little bit more value than they are receiving here, both draft-wise and player-wise. If Atlanta could get a third team involved to get the Nets a few more first-round draft picks, this is not that crazy of a scenario.

Boston Celtics

Tradable Assets: G/F Jaylen Brown, C Al Horford, G Marcus Smart, G Derrick White, C Robert Williams III, F Grant Williams, 2 First-Round Picks (2025, 2026)

Best Proposal: G/F Jaylen Brown, G Derrick White, POR 2023 2nd Round Pick (via BOS), BOS 2025 1st Round Pick (Unprotected), BOS 2029 1st Round Pick (Top-4 Protected)

The problem with the Boston Celtics trying to get involved in a trade for Kevin Durant is that they just traded for Malcolm Brogdon and in the process of doing so, they traded away their 2023 first-round pick. This not only means they do not have an immediate draft pick they can send to Brooklyn, but they cannot send their 2024 pick either due to the Stepien Rule.

Ultimately, if Boston wants to have a shot at landing Durant, they will need to be willing to part ways with All-Star Jaylen Brown. In this package, only having to give up Jaylen Brown and Derrick White, the Celtics may be willing to do this, but it is hard to believe the Nets will show a lot of interest in this deal because of the lack of draft compensation. Overall though, Brown may be the best All-Star-like talent the Nets could get their hands on.

Charlotte Hornets

Tradable Assets: F Gordon Hayward, G Terry Rozier, G/F Kelly Oubre Jr., F P.J. Washington, G James Bouknight, F/C Kai Jones, C Mason Plumlee, 5 First-Round Picks (2025-2029)

Best Proposal: G Terry Rozier, G/F Kelly Oubre Jr., F P.J. Washington, F/C Kai Jones, DEN 2023 1st Round Pick (Top-14 Protected, via CHA), CHA 2025 1st Round Pick (Unprotected), CHA 2027 1st Round Pick (Unprotected), CHA 2029 1st Round Pick (Top-4 Protected)

With Miles Bridges’ NBA future being very uncertain right now due to a domestic violence case, the Charlotte Hornets are an interesting team to keep an eye on. I would not expect them to go “all-in” on Kevin Durant, but Charlotte is looking to win right now and Michael Jordan could look to put his team in a very aggressive position right away in the Eastern Conference by making a trade like this.

This deal though would cost them a ton of assets, ones they really do not have replacements for. Terry Rozier could maybe be replaced alongside LaMelo Ball with guys like James Bouknight, Cody Martin and newly drafted Bryce McGowens, but Charlotte is weak both on the wing and in the frontcourt, even with the possible addition of Kevin Durant.

The Hornets have a good thing going for them right now given their influx of youthful talents. This Miles Bridges situation hanging over their heads though could force Jordan and the rest of management to make a massive move over the next month or two.

Chicago Bulls

Tradable Assets: C Nikola Vucevic, G Lonzo Ball, G Alex Caruso, F Patrick Williams, G Coby White, G Dalen Terry, 3 First-Round Picks (2027-2029)

Best Proposal: G Lonzo Ball, G Alex Caruso, F Patrick Williams, G Coby White, G Dalen Terry, CHI 2027 1st Round Pick (Unprotected), CHI 2028 1st Round Pick (Swap, More Favorable to CHI), CHI 2029 1st Round Pick (Top-4 Protected)

The Chicago Bulls going out and getting involved in the Kevin Durant sweepstakes is highly unlikely given the money they are paying Zach LaVine, Nikola Vucevic and DeMar DeRozan. However, they certainly have the assets, player-wise, to make this deal happen.

Lonzo Ball, Alex Caruso, Patrick Williams, Coby White and Dalen Terry all going to Brooklyn gives the Nets a ton of youthful depth to play around with over the next several years and while they do not receive a ton of draft compensation here, Williams, White and Terry should and can all be viewed as first-round picks. It is also possible that a package involving Vucevic, Ball and Terry/White/Williams could be thrown into the mix here for Chicago.

In terms of getting a ton of versatile assets, there are worse deals around the league the Nets will receive than this hypothetical one from the Bulls.

Cleveland Cavaliers


Tradable Assets: G Collin Sexton (Sign-and-Trade, RFA), F Evan Mobley, F Kevin Love, G Caris LeVert, F Lauri Markkanen, F Cedi Osman, F Isaac Okoro, F Dylan Windler, 5 First-Round Picks (2025-2029)

Best Proposal: F Evan Mobley, G Collin Sexton (Sign-and-Trade), F Cedi Osman, F Isaac Okoro, CLE 2025 1st Round Pick (Unprotected), CLE 2027 1st Round Pick (Unprotected), CLE 2028 1st Round Pick (Swap, More Favorable to BKN)

The Cleveland Cavaliers have yet to make a decision on Collin Sexton’s future as a restricted free agent, which is why we have to still give them some attention in regards to a possible sign-and-trade. Having a handful of youthful talents and tradeable draft picks, Cleveland could actually put together multiple intriguing offers for Kevin Durant.

The catch here though is that if Brooklyn is going to take Cleveland’s offers seriously, they will need to be willing to include Evan Mobley as a young star going to the Nets, something the Cavaliers will likely stay away from doing. A young team on the rise in the Eastern Conference, Cleveland will likely be hesitant to give up any of their star-caliber youth, even for a player like Durant.

Dallas Mavericks

Tradable Assets: G Spencer Dinwiddie, G Tim Hardaway Jr., F Davis Bertans, F Dorian Finney-Smith, C Dwight Powell, F Reggie Bullock, F/C Maxi Kleber, G/F Josh Green, 5 First-Round Picks (2025-2029)

Best Proposal: G Tim Hardaway Jr., F Reggie Bullock, F Dorian Finney-Smith, G/F Josh Green, DAL 2025 1st Round Pick (Unprotected), DAL 2027 1st Round Pick (Unprotected), DAL 2028 1st Round Pick (Swap, More Favorable to BKN), DAL 2029 1st Round Pick (Top-4 Protected)

I do not believe the Dallas Mavericks are in any position to make a big trade this offseason simply because of their lack of intriguing assets. With that said, the best deal they can offer Brooklyn for Kevin Durant includes a handful of secondary talents that will supply the Nets with immediate depth.

Again, much like other teams mentioned above, this is not a terrible deal, however, it definitely does not meet the value the Nets are looking for in a deal involving Kevin Durant. The Mavericks are basically done making offseason moves at this point, as they may look to fill out the rest of their roster with a couple of rotational players in hopes of making another Western Conference Finals run.

Denver Nuggets

Tradable Assets: F Michael Porter Jr., F Aaron Gordon, F Jeff Green, G Bones Hyland, F Zeke Nnaji, 1 First-Round Pick (2029)

Best Proposal: F Michael Porter Jr., F Jeff Green, F Zeke Nnaji, DEN 2028 1st Round Pick (Swap, More Favorable to BKN), DEN 2029 1st Round Pick (Unprotected)

For the Denver Nuggets to potentially trade for Kevin Durant, this would almost have to be a three- or four-team deal due to the fact that Denver has virtually no draft picks. Moving Michael Porter Jr. and Aaron Gordon in a deal for Durant could get the Nuggets the necessary draft picks they need to send to Brooklyn and cap-wise, they could technically make a deal to acquire him from Brooklyn work.

What the Nuggets’ chances to land Durant come down to is whether or not Porter Jr. is healthy, as he would be the key asset going to the Nets. Overall though, Denver is happy with the way their roster is constructed and they believe they added the depth they needed this offseason in order to win the Western Conference moving forward.

Detroit Pistons

Tradable Assets: G Cade Cunningham, G Killian Hayes, G/F Alec Burks, G Hamidou Diallo, G Cory Joseph, C Isaiah Stewart, C Nerlens Noel, F Saddiq Bey, C Kelly Olynyk, 5 First-Round Picks (2025-2029)

Best Proposal: G Cade Cunningham, C Isaiah Stewart, C Kelly Olynyk, G/F Alec Burks, DET 2025 1st Round Pick (Unprotected), DET 2027 1st Round Pick (Top-4 Protected), DET 2028 1st Round Pick (Swap, More Favorable to BKN)

Given their cap situation, roster size and rebuilding nature as a franchise, the Detroit Pistons have almost no shot at acquiring Kevin Durant via a trade this offseason. Even if they were to offer up Cade Cunningham, who the team views as “untouchable,” it is hard to imagine that Brooklyn would be interested in this offer. It is also worth noting that the Pistons would have to wait until the end of August to offer such a deal due to the fact that Alec Burks was just traded.

Having a handful of youthful talents with high-upsides, the Pistons and GM Troy Weaver are excited for what the future holds for him. Trading for Kevin Durant does not really fit into any timeline Detroit has laid out in front of them.

Golden State Warriors


Tradable Assets: F Andrew Wiggins, G Jordan Poole, C James Wiseman, F Jonathan Kuminga, G Moses Moody, F Patrick Baldwin Jr., 4 First-Round Picks (2026-2029)

Best Proposal: F Andrew Wiggins, C James Wiseman, F Jonathan Kuminga, F Patrick Baldwin Jr., GSW 2026 1st Round Pick (Unprotected), GSW 2028 1st Round Pick (Unprotected)

This is where things could get really interesting in regards to Kevin Durant trade talks. I do not anticipate the Golden State Warriors sacrificing their future to bring Durant back to the Bay Area, but it would make a lot of sense for them to bring him back.

The Warriors are coming off their fourth championship in the last eight seasons and right now is their time to capitalize on their championship window. They have a ton of young, high-potential guys on their roster, but the idea of competing for championships right now and winning as many rings as possible is definitely something that has to peak the interest of GM Bob Myers and owners Joe Lacob and Peter Guber.

This would undoubtedly be a multi-team deal though, as Ben Simmons would have to be moved on Brooklyn’s side of things if the Warriors were to deal Andrew Wiggins to them due to the rule preventing a team from acquiring two players via trade who received a Designated Rookie Max contract. Overall though, the idea of Golden State reacquiring Kevin Durant, and possible bringing in Seth Curry as well, is very intriguing.

Houston Rockets

Tradable Assets: G Eric Gordon, G Jalen Green, G Kevin Porter Jr., F David Nwaba, F Kenyon Martin Jr., F Usman Garuba, G Josh Christopher, Various First-Round Picks (2023-2029)

Best Proposal: G Eric Gordon, G Jalen Green, F David Nwaba, F Kenyon Martin Jr., MIL 2023 1st Round Pick (via HOU), Rights to BKN 2023 1st Round Swap Returned, Rights to BKN 2024 1st Round Pick Returned

If you want to get really crazy in terms of Durant trade packages, look no further than the Houston Rockets, who have a bunch of first-round picks from the Nets themselves that can be returned. Could you imagine if Houston actually used Brooklyn’s first-round picks to acquire Kevin Durant from the Nets?

While this scenario is not going to happen, it is funny to speculate about simply because the Rockets would be playing with “house money” and essentially get Durant for Brooklyn’s own assets draft-wise. With all of the Rockets’ rookies signing their rookie deals, they are ineligible to be traded, meaning the Rockets have nothing they can offer up of value to meet the requirements set forth by Brooklyn in a Durant-centric trade.

Indiana Pacers

Tradable Assets: G Tyrese Haliburton, G/F Buddy Hield, C Myles Turner, G T.J. McConnell, G Chris Duarte, F Isaiah Jackson, F Oshae Brissett, G Duane Washington Jr, F Terry Taylor, 8 First-Round Picks (2023-2029)

Best Proposal: C Myles Turner, G/F Buddy Hield, G Chris Duarte, CLE 2023 1st Round Pick (Top-14 Protected), IND 2023 1st Round Pick (Unprotected), IND 2025 1st Round Pick (Top-4 Protected)

Do not count out the Indiana Pacers still making a deal before the start of the 2022-23 season, as they are in a position where they believe they are just a piece or two away from being a playoff team in the Eastern Conference. Could Kevin Durant be on the Pacers’ radar?

Potentially, but the likelihood of them getting a deal done for Durant is minimal, even though the trade package they could present outlined above is noteworthy.

Myles Turner, Buddy Hield and Chris Duarte could all play right away for Brooklyn and all three first-round picks they would be getting from Indiana are in the near future. These picks, especially the two in 2023, would be appealing to the Nets.

Los Angeles Clippers

Tradable Assets: G Norman Powell, F Marcus Morris Sr., G Luke Kennard, F/C Robert Covington, G Reggie Jackson, G Jason Preston, G Brandon Boston Jr., 2 First-Round Draft Picks (2028, 2029)

Best Proposal: G Norman Powell, F Marcus Morris Sr., G Luke Kennard, LAC 2028 1st Round Pick (Unprotected), LAC 2029 1st Round Pick (Swap, More Favorable to BKN)

The Los Angeles Clippers are going to have an insanely high tax bill for the 2022-23 season and they already have their roster constructed. There is no reason for them to target Kevin Durant and they really do not have the assets to get a deal done either.

Norman Powell, Marcus Morris Sr. and Luke Kennard can add up to the monetary value the Clippers would need to trade for Durant, yet really no value goes back to Brooklyn here. The Clippers are just fine how they are and with Kawhi Leonard and Paul George healthy, this is a team that can and will compete for a title.

Los Angeles Lakers

USATSI_17035543_168388303_lowres (1)

Tradable Assets: G Russell Westbrook, F Anthony Davis, G Talen Horton-Tucker, G Kendrick Nunn, F Stanley Johnson, F Wenyen Gabriel, 4 First-Round Picks (2026-2029)

Best Proposal: G Russell Westbrook, LAL 2026 1st Round Pick (Unprotected), LAL 2028 1st Round Pick (Unprotected)

If the Los Angeles Lakers can get their hands on Kevin Durant and pair him with both LeBron James and Anthony Davis, the only thing that could prevent the Lakers from winning the 2023 NBA Finals would be injuries.

This would be the most talented trio of all-time and quite frankly, the Lakers would be extremely selfish to themselves and their fanbase not to offer up whatever it takes to pair Durant with Davis and James. The Nets though are not going to be trading Kevin Durant to Los Angeles.

Memphis Grizzlies

Tradable Assets: G Desmond Bane, F Jaren Jackson Jr., C Steven Adams, F Dillon Brooks, F Ziaire Williams, F Brandon Clarke, F Santi Aldama, All First-Round Picks (2023-2029)

Best Proposal: G Desmond Bane, F Jaren Jackson Jr., F Dillon Brooks, MEM 2023 1st Round Pick (Unprotected), MEM 2025 1st Round Pick (Unprotected), MEM 2027 1st Round Pick (Unprotected)

Pairing Ja Morant with Kevin Durant would be a dream duo for the Memphis Grizzlies, but is this move worthwhile long-term given the depth they would have to sacrifice?

Desmond Bane, Jaren Jackson Jr. and Dillon Brooks all played big roles in the Grizzlies being able to finish with the second-best record in the NBA during the 2021-22 season and they are all young enough where Memphis can utilize them next to Morant over the next decade. Overall though, Memphis can put together one of the better packages for Durant.

Miami Heat

Tradable Assets: C Bam Adebayo, G Kyle Lowry, F Duncan Robinson, G Tyler Herro, G Max Strus, G Gabe Vincent, C Omer Yurtseven, G Haywood Highsmith, 4 First-Round Draft Picks (2023, 2027, 2028, 2029)

Best Proposal: C Bam Adebayo, F Duncan Robinson, G Tyler Herro, MIA 2023 1st Round Pick (Unprotected), MIA 2027 1st Round Pick (Unprotected), MIA 2028 1st Round Pick (Swap, More Favorable to BKN), MIA 2029 1st Round Pick (Top-4 Protected)

The Miami Heat are one of the teams that have been involved in trade talks revolving around Kevin Durant, but they are stuck in terms of what they can offer. Bam Adebayo cannot be traded to Brooklyn unless Ben Simmons is going elsewhere due to contract rule stipulations and there are some reports saying Durant is only opening to playing in Miami if Kyle Lowry, Bam Adebayo and Jimmy Butler are there.

Ultimately, the best deal Miami can send to Brooklyn involves Adebayo, which would force Brooklyn to find a trade partner for Ben Simmons. There are just too many moving pieces to believe the Heat can pull this kind of deal off, but if there is one thing we have learned over the years, it is to never count Pat Riley out of anything.

Milwaukee Bucks

Tradable Assets: F Khris Middleton, G Jrue Holiday, C Brook Lopez, G Grayson Allen, G/F Pat Connaughton, G George Hill, G/F MarJon Beauchamp, 1 First-Round Pick (2029)

Best Proposal: F Khris Middleton, G/F Pat Connaughton, G/F MarJon Beauchamp, MIL 2028 1st Round Pick (Swap, More Favorable to BKN), MIL 2029 1st Round Pick (Top-4 Protected)

The Milwaukee Bucks will once again be one of the better teams in the NBA heading into the 2022-23 season, which is why it would be very surprising to see them target Kevin Durant.

However, a deal involving Khris Middleton could wind up being appealing to the Nets if a third team can get involved and offer up a couple of first-round picks as well. Pairing Kevin Durant with Giannis Antetokounmpo though would create arguably the best scoring duo in the NBA, instantly making the Bucks championship favorites once again.

Minnesota Timberwolves

Tradable Assets: C Karl-Anthony Towns, G D’Angelo Russell, G Anthony Edwards, F Taurean Prince, F Jaden McDaniels, G Jordan McLaughlin, C Naz Reid, G Jaylen Nowell

Best Proposal: G D’Angelo Russell, G Anthony Edwards, F Jaden McDaniels

After just trading for All-Star big man Rudy Gobert, the Minnesota Timberwolves are done making big moves, especially on the trade market. They have no draft capital left to play around with and virtually no bench right now, which is why they really have nothing to offer up in exchange for Kevin Durant.

However, if they could get a third team involved to send Brooklyn some draft compensation, a deal involving D’Angelo Russell and Anthony Edwards going to the Nets is somewhat eyebrow raising. A deal like this will not be offered though and it is virtually impossible for the Timberwolves to make any more moves.

New Orleans Pelicans

Tradable Assets: F Brandon Ingram, C Jonas Valanciunas, G Devonte’ Graham, F Larry Nance Jr., C Jaxson Hayes, G Garrett Temple, G Kira Lewis Jr., F Trey Murphy III, F Herb Jones, Various First-Round Draft Picks (2023-2029)

Best Proposal: F Brandon Ingram, G Devonte’ Graham, F Trey Murphy III, NOP 2023 1st Round Pick (Unprotected), LAL 2024 1st Round Pick (via NOP)

While they have a lot of draft picks, the New Orleans Pelicans would have to amend some protections on their picks and some of the swaps they have to make a deal like this work. One of the rising teams in the Western Conference, it is kind of shocking to see that the Pelicans are not that interested in Kevin Durant.

Pairing him with CJ McCollum and Zion Williamson could create one of the best, if not the best, scoring trios in the NBA, yet New Orleans really has not inquired about Durant much. As of right now, it seems like the Pelicans are comfortable where they are at, especially with the young stars they have in Brandon Ingram and Zion Williamson.

New York Knicks

USATSI_18033827_168388303_lowres (1)

Tradable Assets: F Julius Randle, G/F RJ Barrett, G Evan Fournier, G Derrick Rose, F Cam Reddish, F Taj Gibson, F Obi Toppin, G Immanuel Quickley, G Quentin Grimes, G Miles McBride, Various Draft Picks (2023-2029)

Best Proposal: G/F RJ Barrett, G Evan Fournier, G Derrick Rose, F Cam Reddish, WAS 2023 1st Round Pick (Top-14 Protected), DAL 2023 1st Round Pick (Top-10 Protected), NYK 2024 1st Round Pick (Unprotected)

I do not know why I even bother analyzing the New York Knicks here because the Brooklyn Nets would rather disband as an NBA franchise than trade Kevin Durant to the Knicks. In a scenario that has no legs and will not happen whatsoever, New York actually does have the assets to pull off a deal for the two-time Finals MVP.

They won’t be willing to offer this, but RJ Barrett is a young star on the rise in this league and the Knicks have a handful of first-round draft assets they could offer up, especially in 2023 stemming from their draft night trade with the Oklahoma City Thunder. Getting Kevin Durant in Madison Square Garden would be a dream come true for Spike Lee and all of New York Knicks fans, but like every other scenario involving a superstar talent, the Knicks will have to keep dreaming!

Oklahoma City Thunder

Tradable Assets: G Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, C Derrick Favors, G Josh Giddey, F Darius Bazley, G Ty Jerome, F Aleksej Pokusevski, G Tre Mann, F Kenrich Williams, F Jeremiah Robinson-Earl, G Theo Maledon, G Aaron Wiggins, Various First-Round Picks (2023-2029)

Best Proposal: C Derrick Favors, F JaMychal Green, G Josh Giddey, G Ty Jerome, F Darius Bazley, F Aleksej Pokusevski, HOU 2024 1st Round Pick (Top-4 Protected, via OKC), UTA 2024 1st Round Pick (via OKC), LAC 2024 1st Round Pick (via OKC)

Just to clear things up here with the Oklahoma City Thunder’s hypothetical proposal, this would be a multi-team deal, as the Brooklyn Nets do not want and cannot take back six different player’s contracts in this deal. Also, it is worth mentioning that JaMychal Green cannot be dealt until near the end of August, making that the earliest the Thunder could look to strike a deal for Kevin Durant if they were to not offer up Shai Gilgeous-Alexander.

It is hard to believe though that the Nets will be interested in anything the Thunder offer if the deal does not include Gilgoeus-Alexander. GM Sam Presti working his magic to bring Durant back to Oklahoma City would be storybook-like, but this scenario is definitely a long-shot.

Orlando Magic

Tradable Assets: F Jonathan Isaac, G Markelle Fultz, F Wendell Carter Jr., G Terrence Ross, G Jalen Suggs, F Franz Wagner, G Cole Anthony, F Chuma Okeke, G R.J. Hampton, 9 First-Round Picks (2023-2029)

Best Proposal: F Jonathan Isaac, G Terrence Ross, G R.J. Hampton, G Jalen Suggs, CHI 2023 1st Round Pick (Top-4 Protected, via ORL), ORL 2023 1st Round Pick (Unprotected), ORL 2025 1st Round Pick (Unprotected), ORL 2027 1st Round Pick (Unprotected)

The Orlando Magic getting involved in trade proposals for Kevin Durant would definitely be a unique scenario given all of the youthful talents they have on their roster. Jonathan Isaac still has a lot of potential coming off of an injury that kept him sidelined the entire 2021-22 season and both R.J. Hampton and Jalen Suggs could be young building blocks in Brooklyn’s backcourt.

The question here though is whether or not Durant would be wanting to go to a rebuilding franchise like the Magic and the quick answer here is “no.” Should the Nets move Kevin Durant this offseason though, look for Orlando to possibly get involved as a team that would be interested in taking on “dead salary” for draft compensation.

Philadelphia 76ers

USATSI_17868792_168388303_lowres (1)

Tradable Assets: F Tobias Harris, G Tyrese Maxey, G Furkan Korkmaz, G De’Anthony Melton, F Matisse Thybulle, F Georges Niang, G Jaden Springer, C Paul Reed, C Charles Bassey, G Isaiah Joe, 1 First-Round Pick (2029)

Best Proposal: F Tobias Harris, G Tyrese Maxey, F Matisse Thybulle, G Jaden Springer, PHI 2028 1st Round Pick (Swap, More Favorable to BKN), PHI 2029 1st Round Pick (Unprotected)

Another “sleeper” and interesting team to note in Kevin Durant trade chatter is the Philadelphia 76ers. Kevin Durant initially wanted to team back up with James Harden in Brooklyn, but things didn't work out there and the two never really played together on the floor due to injuries. Could Durant still have this desire to team up with Harden, only this time in Philly?

The 76ers know their championship window is small and already having interest in moving Tobias Harris, this potential deal seems like something that is right up Daryl Morey’s alley, especially given that the contracts of Tobias Harris, Matisse Thybulle and Jaden Springer combined are equal to that of Kevin Durant’s. Adding Tyrese Maxey onto this deal is extra incentive for Brooklyn given that the 76ers have no draft assets to trade.

This deal is definitely feasible and could actually be presented by Philadelphia to Brooklyn, but the last thing the Nets probably want to do is trade Durant to the team that lured Harden away from them midseason, causing this collapse from within.

Phoenix Suns

Tradable Assets: C Deandre Ayton (Sign-and-Trade), F Mikal Bridges, F Cameron Johnson, F Jae Crowder, G Landry Shamet, F Dario Saric, G Cameron Payne, F Torrey Craig, 7 First-Round Picks (2023-2029)

Best Proposal: C Deandre Ayton (Sign-and-Trade), F Mikal Bridges, F Cameron Johnson, PHX 2023 1st Round Pick (Unprotected), PHX 2025 1st Round Pick (Unprotected), PHX 2027 1st Round Pick (Unprotected), PHX 2029 1st Round Pick (Unprotected)

This is the best deal that the Brooklyn Nets could possibly get right now for Kevin Durant and a variation of this trade has been offered to the Nets. It does not appear that Brooklyn has interest in doing a sign-and-trade deal for Deandre Ayton, which means that if the Suns do want to acquire Durant this offseason, they would need to find a third team to take on Ayton and what would presumably be a new max-level contract.

Owning all of their draft capital is advantageous to Phoenix and while parting ways with Mikal Bridges and Cameron Johnson hurts their depth on the wing, a trio of Chris Paul, Devin Booker and Kevin Durant makes the Suns the favorites to win a title once again. The Suns are wanting to make a trade similar to this right now, but it is the Nets that have been holding things up and are weary of making this deal.

Portland Trail Blazers

Tradable Assets: G Eric Bledsoe, F Josh Hart, F Nassir Little, F Justise Winslow, G Keon Johnson, F Didi Louzada, F Trendon Watford, F Greg Brown II, 5 First-Round Picks (2025-2029)

Best Proposal: G Eric Bledsoe, F Josh Hart, F Nassir Little, G Keon Johnson, POR 2025 1st Round Pick (Unprotected), POR 2027 1st Round Pick (Unprotected), POR 2028 1st Round Pick (Swap, More Favorable to BKN), POR 2029 1st Round Pick (Unprotected)

In order for the Portland Trail Blazers to have a shot at Kevin Durant, they will need to be willing to sacrifice the little bit of draft assets they have left. After trading for Jerami Grant and re-signing both Anfernee Simons and Jusuf Nurkic, the Trail Blazers really have no room for Durant and they have virtually no tradable assets in terms of players that would be of interest to Brooklyn.

Damian Lillard has the help around him that he wanted, but the question that remains for Portland is whether or not this is enough for them to be a contending threat in the Western Conference for years to come.

Sacramento Kings

Tradable Assets: G De’Aaron Fox, F Domantas Sabonis, F Harrison Barnes, C Richaun Holmes, G Davion Mitchell, G Terence Davis, C Alex Len, F Trey Lyles, C Chimezie Metu, 7 First-Round Picks (2023-2029)

Best Proposal: F Harrison Barnes, C Richaun Holmes, G Davion Mitchell, C Alex Len, SAC 2023 1st Round Pick (Unprotected), SAC 2025 1st Round Pick (Unprotected), SAC 2027 1st Round Pick (Unprotected), SAC 2029 1st Round Pick (Unprotected)

After 16 straight seasons of missing the playoffs, the Sacramento Kings have made it their mission to make the postseason during the 2022-23 season. So far, they have loaded up with some talented players in the offseason and landing Kevin Durant would be the icing on top of the cake for them!

The problem here is that Brooklyn would almost definitely demand a trade package surrounding De’Aaron Fox, screwing up Sacramento's plans to pair Kevin Durant with De'Aaron Fox and Domantas Sabonis. The Kings do however have the ability to offer four unprotected first-round picks in a trade with Brooklyn, all of which are valuable right now given that the Kings have been near the bottom of the league standings for quite some time now.

San Antonio Spurs

Tradable Assets: F Keldon Johnson, F Devin Vassell, G Joshua Primo, F Doug McDermott, F Josh Richardson, C Jakob Poeltl, F Zach Collins, F Jeremy Sochan, G Malaki Branham, G Romeo Langford, F Keita Bates-Diop, G Tre Jones, Various First-Round Picks (2023-2029)

Best Proposal: F Devin Vassell, F Doug McDermott, F Josh Richardson, F Jeremy Sochan, CHA 2023 1st Round Pick (Top-16 Protected, via SAS), SAS 2024 1st Round Pick (Unprotected), SAS 2026 1st Round Pick (Unprotected), ATL 2027 1st Round Pick (Unprotected, via SAS)

Looking to rebuild after trading Dejounte Murray to the Atlanta Hawks, the San Antonio Spurs will likely keep their distance from any trade that will better them as they look ahead to the 2023 NBA Draft in anticipation of targeting potential top pick Victor Wembanyama.

Trading for Kevin Durant obviously helps the Spurs, but they are in no rush to become a contender and are more than comfortable taking their time to build something special, much like they did back in the day with Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker.

Toronto Raptors


Tradable Assets: F Scottie Barnes, F OG Anunoby, G Gary Trent Jr., G Malachi Flynn, C Khem Birch, C Precious Achiuwa, F Svi Mykhailiuk, 7 First-Round Picks (2023-2029)

Best Proposal: F Scottie Barnes, F OG Anunoby, G Gary Trent Jr., TOR 2023 1st Round Pick (Unprotected), TOR 2025 1st Round Pick (Unprotected), TOR 2027 1st Round Pick (Top-4 Protected)

The Toronto Raptors are the biggest dark-horse team in the Kevin Durant sweepstakes because of the fact that they have 2021-22 Rookie of the Year, Scottie Barnes. While they are not willing to include him in any trade talks right now, team executive Masai Ujiri has definitely floated the idea of moving Barnes to the Nets for Durant in his head simply because of what getting Durant could mean.

Trading for Kawhi Leonard in 2018, the Raptors were able to elevate themselves to the NBA Finals and claim their first championship in team history. Seeing a small championship window right now, Ujiri could look to pull off a similar move he did for Leonard, only this time getting Kevin Durant instead.

Toronto has the assets to pull off this trade if they want to.

Utah Jazz

Tradable Assets: G Donovan Mitchell, G Mike Conley, F Bojan Bogdanovic, G Jordan Clarkson, F Rudy Gay, G Jared Butler, Various First-Round Picks (2023-2029)

Best Proposal: G Donovan Mitchell, G Jordan Clarkson, UTA 2023 1st Round Pick (Unprotected), UTA 2025 1st Round Pick (Unprotected)

The best proposal the Utah Jazz could send to Brooklyn for Kevin Durant obviously includes Donovan Mitchell, but swapping Mitchell for Durant does nothing for the Jazz, especially if they are going to rebuild like they are trending towards doing.

Pairing Mitchell with Durant in Utah could be appealing, as it would help the Jazz avoid an entire rebuild altogether, but the chances of them being able to pull one, two, maybe even three other teams into a deal to make this work is near impossible. A long road to success is currently in front of the Jazz, one that most definitely involves a rebuild.

Washington Wizards

Tradable Assets: F Kristaps Porzingis, F Kyle Kuzma, F Rui Hachimura, F Deni Avdija, F Corey Kispert, C Daniel Gafford, C Vernon Carey Jr., F Isaiah Todd, 5 First-Round Picks (2025-2029)

Best Proposal: F Kristaps Porzingis, F Kyle Kuzma, F Isaiah Todd, WAS 2025 1st Round Pick (Unprotected), WAS 2027 1st Round Pick (Unprotected), WAS 2029 1st Round Pick (Unprotected)

Bringing Kevin Durant to his hometown would not be easy for the Washington Wizards to do. In fact, it is near impossible given that they do not have any intriguing assets the Nets would want to utilize.

Surrounding Bradley Beal with Kristaps Porzingis, Kyle Kuzma and now both Will Barton and Monte Morris, the Wizards are interested to see if they can in fact compete for a playoff spot this upcoming season. Getting involved in a Durant trade makes sense, but it is just not feasible at this moment.