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The Golden State Warriors crushed the Phoenix Suns 118-96, and picked up their 19th win of the season. 

The two teams had played earlier in the week when the Suns won 104-96.  

The loss on Friday ended the Suns 18-game losing streak.  

Draymond Green had big game with nine points, nine rebounds, nine assists, six steals and three blocks. 

After the game, Steve Kerr had high praise for the three-time NBA Champion. 

"He's the best defender in the world," Kerr said of Green postgame. "He does everything for us defensively." 

The full clip of Kerr discussing Green can be seen in a tweet that is embedded below from the Twitter account of Warriors on NBCS. 

The Warriors fell to the Spurs 112-107 on Saturday night, and now have a 19-4 record.  

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