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Is Al Horford A Hall Of Famer?

Al Horford and the Boston Celtics beat the Golden State Warriors in Game 1 of the NBA Finals on Thursday night. The Celtics have had an impressive run in the playoffs beating the Brooklyn Nets, Milwaukee Bucks and Miami Heat.
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The Boston Celtics stunned the NBA world when they won Game 1 of the NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriros on the road by a score of 120-108 on Thursday night in California. 

Al Horford played a huge role in the win, and he scored 26 points on a very impressive 9/12 shooting from the field. 

The former Florida star is in his 15th season in the NBA and he just turned 36-years-old on Friday. 

Is Horford a Hall of Famer?

The five-time NBA All-Star has never been seen as one of the top-15 players in the NBA, but he has always (for 15 seasons) been a very good player. 

Just off longevity alone, he is a lot more accomplished than the majority of players who have ever played in the NBA. 

He's played in an astonishing 142 playoff games, and if the Celtics can win three more games, he will also become an NBA Champion. 

The Basketball Hall of Fame is also not just for the NBA, it's for any basketball career accomplishments. 

Therefore, the two National Championships that he won with Florida in college will count towards his resume. 

Longevity and consistency are two of the biggest things he has been able to accomplish, and that is nothing to take lightly. 

A lot of All-Stars (who were never truly superstars) had high peaks, and then very big drop offs. 

That is not the case with Horford. 

Will he be a first-ballot Hall of Famer? 

Of course not. 

Could he make the Hall of Fame? 

Of course.