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James Harden went up for a shot attempt on Monday night against the Philadelphia 76ers, and drew contact. 

In past seasons, that play probably would have led to three free throws for the 2018 MVP. 

However, different rules are in play this season, and Harden did not get a trip to the free throw line. 

Instead, the Brooklyn Nets star had an airball that led to a fast break for the 76ers. 

The video of the play can be seen in a Tweet that is embedded below from The NBA Central. 

Last season Harden attempted  7.3 free throws per game, but the six seasons before, that he averaged at least ten free throw attempts per every season. 

The new rules in place could make his free throw attempts continue to decrease, not to mention he also plays on a team with Kevin Durant, so he is not going to have the ball in his hands as much as he did with the Houston Rockets. 

An explanation of the rule change can be seen in a Tweet that is embedded below from The Athletic's Shams Chariana on July 27. 

Harden is a nine-time All-Star, Sixth Man of The Year, three-time scoring champion and seven-time All-NBA Player, there is no question that he will still put up big numbers regardless of the rule change. 

After getting traded from the Oklahoma City Thunder to Houston in 2012, he spent part of eight seasons with the Rockets before the trade that landed him in Brooklyn last season. 

He averaged 24.6 points, 7.9 rebonds and 10.8 assists per game last season.