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The New York Knicks started out the 2021-22 NBA season 5-1 in their first six games after going 41-31 last year.   

After the strong start to keep the momentum going from last season, they appeared as if they'd be one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference.  

Unfortunately, the Knicks have gone just 7-13 in their last 20 games, and now have an 12-14 record, which would not have them in the playoffs if they were to start on Saturday. 

One of the struggles for the Knicks has been of their guard play, and Kemba Walker has been pulled from the rotation, and has not played in each of the last three games even though he was active.   

On Tuesday, Shams Charania and Bob Kravitz of The Athletic reported that the Pacers are "receptive" towards trade talks about Caris LeVert and Domantas Sabonis or Myles Turner. 

The tweet from Chariana can be seen embedded below, and the article in The Athletic can be read here. 

I believe that the Knicks should try and trade for LeVert. 

Why should the Knicks trade for LeVert? 

The Knicks are struggling at the guard position right now, and while Derrick Rose has been a solid option, they cannot rely on him to carry the entire load all the way to the playoffs.  

They need some more play-makers, and LeVert is the perfect mix of a scorer, but also someone that can create for others.  

Last season, the former Michigan star averaged 20.2 points, 4.6 rebounds and 5.2 assists per game.         

Averaging over 20 points and five assists per game is no joke, and he could truly change the trajectory of the season for the Knicks.  

For reference, the leader in assists on the Knicks this season is forward Julius Randle who is averaging 5.4 assists. 

Their overall guard play just has not been strong, and LeVert could solve both scoring issues and play-making all in one.     

Not to mention he's also familiar with New York City, he was drafted by the Brooklyn Nets in 2016 and played for them until last season.