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F1 News: AlphaTauri Bringing "Big Upgrade" For Singapore GP More In-Line With Red Bull RB19

You might find the AT04 to be a lot faster this weekend in Singapore.

It is now confirmed that Scuderia AlphaTauri will be receiving a big upgrade ahead of the Singapore Grand Prix this weekend. Following Red Bull's RB19 direction, the team is expected to base its car on the Red Bull version as it is all set to receive new parts that mirror the fastest car on the grid in 2024. 

When the ground effect regulations kicked in in 2022, all the teams went about in their own directions to develop their F1 cars. Over the one-and-a-half-year period, it became evident that the route Red Bull chose with the RB19 was the best as rivals struggled to compete with the championship leader. 

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Just recently, teams have woken up to realize that modifying their cars isn't going to change the game greatly for them. A win this season still remains a distant dream for many, while others hope to secure the podium, at the least. As a result, they're now focussing on developing their cars along the lines of the RB19. 

Italian GP Monza - Red Bull

AlphaTauri is following a similar strategy as they're yet to come across even a whiff of success this year, unlike their senior team Red Bull. Currently, they're doing quite badly as they sit in the last position in the constructors' championship with just three points. 

However, that might be on the verge of changing soon as the team is all set to receive a big RB19-like upgrade for the Singapore Grand Prix. Not only that, AlphaTauri is set to go through some major changes for 2024 as well, which includes a name change and the addition of new sponsors on board. 

In addition, team principal Franz Tost will retire and hand over his responsibilities to new team boss Laurent Mekies and CEO Peter Bayer. Speaking about the upcoming changes, Bayer told PlanetF1:

“There are no quick gains.

"I mean, this year, we’ve seen some amazing changes in the results scheme, when suddenly Aston Martin popped up, and then suddenly McLaren popped up, but I think that’s really down to the fact that they all understood that what Red Bull Racing did in terms of design philosophy is the right one with this new downforce element which everybody is following.

"We actually have a big upgrade coming for Singapore, which will follow the same philosophy so everybody’s closing in on that and then I think next year will be extremely close."

Italian GP Monza - AlphaTauri