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F1 News: Charles Leclerc On Lewis Hamilton - "Would Love To Have Him As A Teammate"

Charles Leclerc on the possibility of having Lewis Hamilton as a teammate at Ferrari.

Charles Leclerc has spoken about the potential of racing alongside Lewis Hamilton at Ferrari, amidst expected confirmations of Hamilton's move to the iconic team for the 2025 season. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Reports from Sky Sports F1 have almost been validated, announcing Lewis Hamilton's impending transfer to Ferrari, where he would team up with Charles Leclerc for the 2025 season, following a recent two-year agreement with Mercedes that hinted at an earlier exit.
  • Charles Leclerc spoke about the possibility of driving alongside Hamilton last year, saying that "anyone on the grid would love to have Lewis as a teammate".
Lewis Hamilton - Charles Leclerc

During a media session before the 2023 Monaco Grand Prix, Charles Leclerc humorously entertained the notion of Lewis Hamilton joining Ferrari. In response to a question about his ideal teammate, Leclerc responded:

"Hello, Lewis! [laughs]

"I mean, a fast teammate, as everybody. We are in Formula 1 and we love to be fighting against the best. But that's not to say that my teammate is not fast. Carlos [Sainz] is an extremely fast driver. But yeah, considering that, I mean, I'm not the person who makes the choices."

Further pressed on whether he would welcome Hamilton as a teammate, Leclerc cautiously responded:

"If I say 'yes', I imagine it being the title of every newspaper. But I mean, Lewis is such an incredible driver, has achieved so much in the sport.

"So I think anybody on the grid would love to have Lewis as a teammate, as everybody will learn a lot from him. But yeah, again, I'm happy where I am and with Carlos. It's a great relationship too."

The context of these remarks is underscored by Sky Sports F1's announcement regarding Hamilton's likely signing with Ferrari for the 2025 season, marking a significant transition for the seven-time world champion. This move not only intertwines Hamilton's legacy with one of the most celebrated teams in F1 but also heralds a new chapter for the sport. Hamilton's potential early departure from Mercedes, after a 13-year tenure that culminated in a world title in 2020, signifies the end of a defining era and the dawn of a new competitive landscape in F1.

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