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F1 News: Felipe Drugovich Fuels 2024 Formula One Seat Rumours After "Weird" IndyCar Move

Aston Martin reserve driver Felipe Drugovich has sparked rumours of a permanent seat in F1.

Aston Martin reserve driver Felipe Drugovich has fuelled rumours of a permanent Formula One seat for the 2024 season after turning down a test for a spot in IndyCar with Ed Carpenter's team. 

Fans have been taking to social media to analyse the "weird" move from the Brazilian driver.

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One fan posted to Reddit that there might be something that Drugovich knows but we don't. They wrote:

"ECR reportedly also invited Indy NXT champion Rasmussen, so I'm not sure the seat will stay vacant for too long.

"But yeah, really, really, really weird move from Drugovich. First he turned town Chip Ganassi Racing in Indycar, then Andretti Formula E, now Ed Carpenter in Indycar. Either the food in the Aston Martin hospitality must be really good, or he knows something we don't."

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Another fan commented:

"He did what?!

"Yeah he either has something concrete lined up like Piastri did, or.... I can't think of any other explanation. Unless he figures staying on the F1 periphery is better for his career, which might have been true in the days of unlimited testing and dedicated test teams/drivers, but surely not these days."

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Felipe Drugovich - Aston Martin

Someone else thinks that Drugovich might have a permanent seat in Formula One but not for 2024. They wrote:

"No way. No matter how ambitious you are, nobody turns down championship winning seats unless they're absolutely sure of a drive in a better class. So either he has a pre-contract for 2025, or he is going to WEC."

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Another fan wrote sparking rumours of Drugovich being considered for a seat with Alfa Romeo. They posted:

"He is keeping his chances open for the Alpha Romeo seat. There have been reports that he is being considered for that seat" [sic]

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vettel aston martin