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F1 News: Ferrari Share Price Skyrockets After Lewis Hamilton Rumour

Ferrari's share price has jumped up following the rumours of Lewis Hamilton joining the team from 2025.

Ferrari's reported involvement with Lewis Hamilton for the 2025 season has sparked widespread speculation and excitement. This move, underscored by a significant jump in Ferrari's share price, hints at a monumental shift in the F1 landscape.

Key Takeaways:

  • Almost Confirmed Move: Lewis Hamilton's impending switch to Ferrari, teaming up with Charles Leclerc for the 2025 season, has been all but confirmed, marking a significant transition in his illustrious career. This comes after Hamilton inked a two-year extension with Mercedes, hinting at a potential early exit from the team.
  • Long-standing Rumours to Reality: The F1 community has long been speculating about Hamilton's move to Ferrari, a narrative that, until now, had been relegated to the realm of speculation.
  • Strategic Implications: With Ferrari's interest in Hamilton dating back to 2019 and considering Red Bull's recent dominance, this switch could herald a significant reshuffle in team dynamics and the championship tussle.
Lewis Hamilton Mercedes (37)

The F1 world stands on the cusp of a historic moment as Lewis Hamilton, a name synonymous with Mercedes' dominance, including his latest championship triumph in 2020, is poised to embark on a new journey with Ferrari. This move not only opens a new chapter for Hamilton but also signals a potential resurgence for Ferrari in their quest for championship glory.

The anticipated departure of Hamilton from Mercedes signifies the end of an era. His recent contract extension with Mercedes, expected to anchor him till the close of the 2025 season, contained an early exit clause, highlighting the dynamic nature of F1 agreements and the constant potential for seismic shifts in team affiliations.

Sky Sports F1 presenter and former F1 driver Karun Chandhok posted to social media that the news which came out this morning has already caused a jump in Ferrari's share price. He wrote: 

"The power of the Lewis Hamilton brand…. Ferrari’s share price has jumped 6% today - on a market cap of 66 billion, his news is worth $4 billion!"

It was also recently reported that the share price of Ferrari had been increasing since its last earnings call, so this could also be still having an impact.

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