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F1 News: Former Champion Claims Lance Stroll "Wouldn't Be Driving Next Year" If He Wasn't With Aston Martin

Lance Stroll's turbulent season and publicised frustration draw pointed commentary from former champion Nico Rosberg.

Nico Rosberg, the 2016 Formula One World Champion, cast doubt over Lance Stroll's seat in future F1 seasons, attributing his current position at Aston Martin to familial ties rather than performance. Following a streak of challenging races and visible frustration from Stroll, Rosberg insinuates that his spot might not be secure if it weren’t for the ownership links to his father, Lawrence Stroll.

Key Takeaways

  • After qualifying 17th ahead of the Qatar Grand Prix and visibly displaying frustration through aggressive actions, Stroll's recent track performances and demeanour have drawn criticism, spotlighting the disparity between him and his accomplished teammate, Fernando Alonso.
  • Although understanding the pressure that comes with being the team owner's son, Nico Rosberg didn’t mince words, asserting that Lance Stroll might not maintain his driving position next year based solely on performance and conduct.
  • Aston Martin's team principal, Mike Krack, downplays internal conflict, confirming that despite the scrutiny and the heated moment, Stroll apologised and the team dynamics remain unshaken.

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Lance Stroll once again came under the spotlight after a turbulent qualifying round at the Qatar Grand Prix. His discernable anger – shoving a team member and throwing his steering wheel from the cockpit – post a 17th place in qualifying stirred the pot of ongoing debate regarding his current form and emotional management within the professional environment.

Contrasting sharply with his teammate Fernando Alonso, a double world champion who secured P4 in qualifying and a respectable sixth-place finish in the race, Stroll's fourth consecutive Q1 exit at Losail further amplified critics’ voices, observing the stark performance discrepancy within the Aston Martin team.

Lance Stroll - Aston Martin

Speaking to Sky Sports F1, Rosberg commented:

"It's a difficult situation. If he wasn't the son of the man who owns the team, then he wouldn't be driving at this level next year. But of course, it's a different situation because the father owns the team and you shouldn't forget that in theory, he can drive the car."

Lawrence Stroll, as the Executive Chairman of Aston Martin, may face complex decisions regarding his son’s future amidst the unfolding narrative.

Despite the criticism, team principal Mike Krack maintains a composed outlook, indicating that internal dynamics remain stable. "There is no problem in the team," he conveyed to Sky Sports Germany, noting that after an apology from Stroll, the incident has been collectively processed and resolved within the team.

Christian Horner - Nico Rosberg