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F1 News: Formula One Drastically Cuts Las Vegas GP Fees After Huge Backlash

Formula One has decided to cut the fees for club and restaurant owners on the Las Vegas Strip.

Formula One has reportedly decided to recalibrate its initial plan that would have seen Las Vegas venues pay hefty licensing fees to gain unobstructed views of the inaugural Grand Prix race. 

Initially, F1 had set a high bar, asking for a licensing fee of $1,500 per individual. For venues with large capacities, this could have translated to an overwhelming charge of up to $3 million.

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However, following deliberations and a significant amount of backlash, they reduced this figure considerably, settling on a flat rate of approximately $50,000 for each venue. This decision was made in light of potential challenges venues could face, including obstructions if they did not comply with the steep fees.

Although similar licensing charges have been levied by F1 in international venues like Monaco, the Las Vegas scenario presents its own set of challenges. The city's heartbeat is its casinos, which rely on high-end gamblers making frequent visits. Local business leaders suggest that an expensive F1 experience might deter these gamblers from making repeat visits in a short span.

Las Vegas

As a sweetener for the $50,000 fee, venues will receive direct access to live footage of the Las Vegas Grand Prix. However, there's been vocal concern over the principle of the matter, with stakeholders questioning the fairness of F1's approach, especially towards businesses that have made significant investments in the city.

In anticipation of the racing event, the city of Las Vegas has poured resources into infrastructure, notably refurbishing the renowned Las Vegas Strip. The race will be taking place on 16-18 November and is set to be on the Formula One calendar until 2032.

Las Vegas