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F1 News: George Russell's Crash Has Resulted In Hilarious Google Maps Update

George Russell's crash site is now a historical landmark on Google Maps.

George Russell's crash in the last lap of the Singapore Grand Prix was the saddest thing that could ever happen to the British driver. However, with the Marina Bay Circuit being a street circuit, the spot where he crashed is now marked by somebody as "Russell's Podium Hopes and Dreams" on Google Maps.

It was what appeared to be an 'on the edge of the seat' ending to the Singapore Grand Prix as four drivers indulged in proper wheel-to-wheel F1 racing that involved two Mercedes,' a McLaren, and a Ferrari. 

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Russell battled for second place with Lando Norris but as turn 10 of the final lap arrived, his right tire hit the wall, causing him to go straight into the barrier ahead and end his run. Sadly, the 25-year-old had been in top form the entire weekend, qualifying in the front row.

George Russell - Mercedes

But a "millimeter lapse of concentration" caused him to crash, leading him to miss out on a podium finish. On the other hand, teammate Lewis Hamilton, who was behind him in fourth got a lucky third-place finish. 

However, it wasn't just the podium that Russell dropped at the crash site. Someone has actually marked the exact spot on Google Maps as a historical landmark, hilariously calling it "Russell's Podium Hopes and Dreams." What's more? The place has received more than 200, 5-star ratings! My sympathies are with Russell. 

Screenshot 2023-09-21 152832

The news has spread like wildfire on social media platform X, with people trying hard to keep themselves from laughing at the digital initiative. Here are a few reactions from fans:

Not the right timing:

I agree with this fan:

Unbelievably, someone found more of these! I wonder how many more would come up in a few more days.


More than a rename, it looks like someone else created a new spot: