F1 News: Lewis Hamilton Addresses Adrian Newey Ferrari Rumors - 'Amazing Addition'

Hamilton claims Adrian Newey would be an "amazing addition" to Ferrari amidst discussions of Newey's move from Red Bull.
May 2, 2024; Miami Gardens, Florida, USA;  Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton (44)  addresses the media
May 2, 2024; Miami Gardens, Florida, USA; Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton (44) addresses the media / John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Lewis Hamilton addressed the possibility of Adrian Newey's move to Ferrari, praising him as what would be an "amazing addition" to the team. His remarks came against the backdrop of Newey's confirmed departure from Red Bull by 2025.

Adrian Newey confirmed his exit from Red Bull after the first quarter of 2025 earlier this week. Since the announcement, speculation over the aerodynamicist's future has dramatically increased. There have been rumors linking Newey to Aston Martin and Ferrari. However, there is also the possibility of Newey deciding to retire.

Hamilton, who is set to leave Mercedes at the end of this year to go to Ferrari, spoke highly of Newey's decades-long track record in the sport. Known for his pioneering aerodynamic designs that have helped clinch 25 championships, Newey's expertise is viewed by many, including Hamilton, as a pivotal element that could rejuvenate Ferrari—a team that last tasted championship glory in 2008.

When asked about how eager he is for Newey to join Ferrari during the Miami Grand Prix press conference, Hamilton responded:

"Very much!

“Adrian’s got such a great history, track record, and he’s just done an amazing job throughout his career in engaging with teams and the knowledge that he has.

“I think he would be an amazing addition.

“I think they’ve got a great team, they’re already making huge progress and strides forward – their car is quicker this year – but it would be a privilege to work with him.

However, despite his enthusiasm, Hamilton remained discreet about the specifics of any ongoing discussions with Ferrari's leadership.

“I mean, this is all very much private conversation stuff. If I was to do a list of people I would like to work with he would absolutely be at the top of it.”

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