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F1 News: Lewis Hamilton Leaves Mercedes - "Every Week Will Be Emotional"

Lewis Hamilton embarks on the final Formula 1 season with the team he joined in 2013.

As Lewis Hamilton enters the final year with Mercedes, the team he won six championship titles with over the past 11 years, he expressed that with each passing Grand Prix, every race will be an emotional experience for him.

Key Takeaways:

  • Lewis Hamilton, entering his final year with Mercedes, expressed that each passing Grand Prix and week with the team will carry emotional significance for him. Despite being aware of his departure before the current season, he maintains a consistent approach, focusing on delivering for the team.
  • The announcement of Hamilton leaving Mercedes for Ferrari in 2025, after signing a multi-year contract, surprised many in the F1 community. Hamilton's decision marked a significant shift from the expectation that he would likely retire with the Brackley outfit.
  • Hamilton highlighted the emotional aspect of his final year with Mercedes, acknowledging poignant moments such as the last seat fit and the last winter test with the team. Despite the emotions, he affirmed his commitment to giving his best for the team in the current season.

It was thought by many that Hamilton would most probably retire from Formula 1 with the Brackley outfit. Thus, his announcement of leaving Mercedes for Ferrari in 2025 after signing a multi-year contract sent shockwaves across the F1 community early last month. 

Lewis Hamilton Mercedes (36)

Even though Hamilton was aware of his departure before the start of the current season, he emphasizes that his approach remains consistent with previous years, apart from certain emotional moments that remind him it is his last with Mercedes. He told

“Nothing really changes.

“I was back at the factory on Monday – it’s full attack, everyone’s all hands on deck. I’ve been with this team such a long time, there’s so much love within the team, and I still and always will love this team.

“Everyone was incredibly understanding within the team, hugely supportive, and everyone knows that I’m here to deliver for them this year. That’s the focus, so it’s the same as any other year.

“It is emotional, and every week will be emotional, because the seat fit is your last seat fit with the team and you remember the first one. The winter test is the last winter test that I will do with the team, and so there’s going to be a lot of emotional experiences through the year, but we’ll do it together.”

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