F1 News: Lewis Hamilton Proposes Exciting Monaco Grand Prix Changes

Lewis Hamilton advocates for significant changes to the Monaco GP to enhance the race's predictability and excitement.
May 2, 2024; Miami Gardens, Florida, USA;  Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton (44)  addresses the media
May 2, 2024; Miami Gardens, Florida, USA; Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton (44) addresses the media / John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Lewis Hamilton proposed changes to the F1 Monaco Grand Prix aimed at introducing "more variability" to enhance the race's dynamics. The reigning champion critiqued the event’s predictable nature and called for adjustments such as specific race tires and a restructured race weekend.

The iconic Monaco Grand Prix faces increasing scrutiny from some of the sport's top drivers for its lack of dynamic racing conditions. The seven-time champion recently offered suggestions to revamp the venerable street circuit to inject unpredictability back into its races.

Speaking to Autosport ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix weekend, Hamilton explained:

"Monaco continues to be Monaco, it's not really changed much.

"The cars are getting bigger and you can't really overtake down the pits without a huge risk of colliding.

"I wish we had bigger roads and the track could be wider, but I don't think that's ever going to be the case in Monaco because it's just a small place."

To counteract the constricted racing conditions, Hamilton has called for innovative solutions, specifically the introduction of special tires designed uniquely for the Monaco GP. He added:

"Maybe having special tyres for this race so you have more pitstops would create more variability.

"They can definitely come up with a specific weekend, you've got the sprint weekend that they have added, but this particular weekend I think they should come up with some new formula for it rather than it just be the same.

"Do you guys not fall asleep on Sunday watching the race? Yeah, so create something else somehow, I don't know how you do that."

Support for reconsideration of Monaco’s race format isn't isolated to Hamilton. Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz lauded the track's unique character but also conceded that practical modifications could enhance the contest.

"No one will ever beat Monaco.

"I want to push a bit, in the sense of if there's an opportunity to create an overtaking spot around Monaco, have a look at the city, have a look at the layout, and make an effort to make that happen.

"It would make Monaco an even better track, so it will leave us all still waiting for Sunday, rather than knowing that nothing happens on Sunday.

"Knowing that Monaco is the best and will always be the best in that sense, in the glamour side of things, I wouldn't underestimate changes that Imola, Monaco, these kind of circuits can do for the future."

Lydia Mee


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